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From multinational corporations to SMEs to leaders at work...

Brenda Bence, MBA/CSP, is sought after on six continents both for her expertise in corporate branding and for her career-boosting, award-winning Personal Branding System. The only branding expert to specialize in helping companies and individuals make “the Corporate Brand/Personal Brand Connection™,” Brenda shares cutting-edge marketing strategies to help you grow your business, as well as to take YOU™® – the Trademarked You – to new heights.

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Brenda’s new award-winning leadership branding book!

Discover the 15 most damaging people-leadership errors, and get dozens of tips and tools to immediately correct them.

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“Professional speakers like you, Brenda, are called ‘professional’ for a good reason. Several team members actually thanked me for inviting you to speak! I am already arranging to have you come back and speak again.”

-- Rehan Qaid Saghir, Area Director, Eli Lilly Asia

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Clients Include

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“One of the best and most relevant workshops I’ve attended. Not only will it benefit my work, but also my life.”

-- Lanchana Thadtanone, Executive Vice President – Standard Chartered Bank

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Clients Include

"Working with Brenda as an executive coach is one of the most rewarding and productive things I have done for myself personally and professionally in a long, long time. The outcomes were not only life changing, but also well grounded in who I am and where I want to go.”

-- Marketing Director, Fortune 50 Software Company

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Clients Include




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