Expert Brander for Businesses, Products, Services…and “YOU™” - The Trademarked YOUBrenda Bence

MBA, CSP and ICF-Certified Executive Coach

Renowned international branding and marketing expert who will help brand you to be a strategic and better brand leader

Great brands – both corporate and personaldon’t become great brands by accident. It’s up to you to make them great.

No one knows more about the powerful combination of corporate branding and personal branding than Brenda Bence.

She has more than 25 years experience within Fortune 150 multinational corporations. At companies like Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb, she was responsible for marketing some of the world's biggest selling brands across almost 50 countries and four continents.

Applying that success to personal branding, Brenda also shows you how to achieve greater career success through defining and communicating your personal brandusing the same tried-and-true strategies of successful corporate branders.

Brenda's unique experience as a corporate branding expert, combined with her years as a coach and trainer, make her singularly qualified to show you how to build both powerhouse corporate brands and personal brands. And all the while, Brenda entertains you with her quick wit and engaging style.

Learn the secrets of making the Corporate Brand/Personal Brand connection™.

Did you know that the personal brand of every employee can either hurt or strengthen the brand of your company or product? Learn how to use personal branding to increase your company's market share.

As a Global Certified Speaking Professional, Brenda is a Keynote Motivational Speaker Who Inspires and Energizes Your Audiences.

Her easy style, vast international experience, and engaging presentations have entertained, informed, and uplifted diverse groups all around the world. Armed with an arsenal of humorous branding stories from her varied global experiences, audiences laugh as they learn about the power of branding for both corporations and individuals alike.

Whether branding your business, your next product line, or yourself (the Trademarked You), booking Brenda for your next company meeting, conference, or convention will ensure a successful event.

Contact us today to book Brenda and discover why she is in demand by companies and event managers worldwide!

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