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A study based on interviews with coaching clients revealed a median Return on Investment of 700% from coaching. Click here to learn more.

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  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    “Working with Brenda provided me with clarity and direction during a real juncture in my career.”

    Executive, Automotive Parts Industry

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    “Brenda really unleashed my potential.”

    Executive Vice President, Top 50 Global Commercial Bank

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    “I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Brenda.”

    Chief Information Officer, Top 50 Global Bank

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    ”Her goal-oriented approach put me on a path to achieve far more than I could have on my own. I whole-heartedly endorse her.”

    Executive, Automotive Parts Industry

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    "Brenda's coaching style is fabulous!”

    Managing Director

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    "An amazing experience!”

    Regional Supply Chain Director

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    "The results have been splendid!”

    Executive Director

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    "Without hesitation, I would recommend Brenda as a coach to other executives!”

    Senior Executive

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    "One of the most rewarding and productive things I have done for myself personally and professionally.”

    Marketing Director

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    "I emerged with a clear picture, for the first time."

    Regional Director

  • Excerpts from past Coaching client testimonials

    "What a pivotal experience it was to work with you!"

    President, Entrepreneurial Start Up Company

Take Your Career to the Next Level of Success with Brenda Bence’s Executive Coaching

Brenda Bence Provides Coaching to a Client Leadership development * Leadership skills

As an executive, you have already achieved a great deal. But you want more. From the very first session as your coach, Brenda Bence, Certified Executive Coach and Harvard MBA, will walk you through an in-depth evaluation of your aspirations, career goals, and quality of life:

  • What do you want to achieve next?
  • Are you facing a new challenge but not sure what steps to take next?
  • Do you have the right balance in your life?
  • How do you accomplish even greater goals without losing that balance?

These are just some of the questions that Executive Coaching with Brenda Bence can help you answer. Much like a sports or fitness coach, Brenda helps you determine what’s working in your life and what could work better.

Could you benefit from the guidance of someone who’s been there and knows what you’re going through? With Brenda as your coach, you will identify both long-term and short-term goals that will stretch you and take you to a much greater level of success in your career and in your life. You will identify obstacles, roadblocks and challenges that stand in your way, and you’ll develop strategies and specific action steps to overcome those obstacles.

A study based on interviews with coaching clients revealed a median Return on Investment of 700% from coaching. Click here to learn more.

Each coaching session is all about you. Brenda offers just the right mixture of guidance and “push-back” so that you are spurred on to reach your defined goals and objectives. Brenda not only helps you see situations more clearly but also helps you to map a course for actionable next steps toward success achievement.

“Reflecting back on my 12 sessions of executive coaching with Brenda Bence, I can honestly say that it changed my life. Each and every session was not only full of self-learning but enjoyable as well. Brenda's high level of experience as a coach really shows; she supported me all along the way toward the various goals I set for myself. In fact, Brenda is more than just a coach – she is a trainer, a teacher, a tutor, and so much more. What I got out of executive coaching with Brenda cannot be purchased at any cost – the experience was priceless.”
Head of Credit Operations, Top Ranked Global Bank

Read what others say about Executive Coaching with Brenda.

Your First Coaching Session is Complimentary
whether in Singapore, Thailand, or by phone across the globe

Brenda Bence Offers Free Executive Coaching Trial Sessions

Brenda offers all of her coaching clients a first “Trial Session” which is just that – a chance for you to see and experience Brenda’s coaching style and explore how you and Brenda might work together. After the first session is complete, if you feel that coaching with Brenda is not a good “fit” for you, there is absolutely no obligation for you to continue.

Trained in the Results™ Coaching method of Professional Coaching, Brenda offers two different Coaching programs:

Option One: Executive Coaching to Achieve Outstanding Results
Brenda works with you to carefully define stretching goals and then put in place strategies and actions to turn these goals into reality – on fast timing. Executives who have been coached by Brenda have said it’s “the most enlightening process” they’ve ever experienced. Executives walk away amazed by what they have been able to accomplish – much more than they ever could have imagined achieving on their own. Brenda both supports and pushes you with valuable feedback and proven coaching tools that make each session build exponentially on the last.

Option Two: Personal Brand Coaching for Executives
Fact: The strength of your Leadership Personal Brand will impact the level of success you achieve in your career – both inside and outside your company. Are you certain that your teams, staff, and Board of Directors perceive, think, and feel about you the way you want? If they don’t, you run the risk of stalling in your career. As an expert in Personal Branding, Brenda will guide you in developing your own Leadership Personal Brand Positioning Statement and a career-enhancing Leadership Personal Brand Marketing Plan to get you exactly where you want to be. This coaching option includes collecting input from your subordinates, boss (if applicable), and colleagues.

“Brenda's coaching style is fabulous. She did a wonderful job of creating a personal path to discovery that not only helped me lay out necessary steps for improvement, but also motivated me to take charge of them. I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking to improve the quality of their professional and/or personal life.”
Managing Director, Asia-Based Management Consulting Firm

Read what others say about Executive Coaching with Brenda.

Top reasons to hire Brenda as an Executive Coach

  • Brenda customizes your sessions 100% for you and your circumstances. (No two executives are alike, so why should your coaching sessions be the same?)
  • The first session is complimentary. You can experience Brenda’s coaching style before making any financial or time commitment.
  • You will walk away from each session excited about what’s possible for you and armed with innovative strategies and actions to get you there.
  • Brenda’s MBA from Harvard Business School and experience leading multi-billion dollar businesses means she understands the pressures, challenges, and rewards of managing significant portfolios.
  • Brenda has worked in nearly 50 countries on 4 continents, allowing her to understand the needs of a wide diversity of clients from different cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds.
  • Brenda’s vast experience affords her the ability to help you see your career and life from a fresh perspective, helping you remove barriers that are keeping you from moving forward.
  • Brenda has a worldwide reputation as an outstanding Executive Coach for C-Suite Executives, Directors, Senior Leaders and Business Owners. She brings 20 years of both internal and external coach experience with her to the coaching table. Brenda is a Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and also with Results™ Coaching Systems (Australia), and is a member of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches. Brenda also serves as an Adjunct Coach with the Center for Creative Leadership.
  • Brenda’s coaching is just as effective in person as over the phone, so your location is irrelevant.
  • Brenda’s past clients refer new clients to her at an exceptionally high rate, so you know her coaching has been remarkably successful in helping executives achieve greater success on the job and in life.

Not where Brenda is located? No problem! Using up-to-date technology, Executive Coaching sessions can take place anywhere, anytime.

Contact us today and learn how Brenda can help you achieve greater success in both your career and your life.

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