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  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “I found that the Smarter Branding without Breaking the Bank workshop was very good.”

    Alex Yip, General Manager
    Jardine Lloyd Thompson - China

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “Smarter Branding without Breaking the Bank workshop is a very impressive and interactive programme.”

    Nick Cousins, Managing Director
    Jardine Lloyd Thompson – Hong Kong

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “The depth of your knowledge, originality of concepts and the facilitation style was truly impressive.”

    Makarand Khatavkar
    Managing Director HR, Deutsche Bank

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “The workshop is a must and the day was full of revelations!”

    Dr. Puntipa Vichiensanth
    Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “One of the best and most relevant workshops I’ve attended.”

    Lanchana Thadtanone
    EVP, Standard Chartered Bank Thailand

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “It was an inspirational experience going through your workshop. I truly enjoyed it, and learned every single minute of it!”

    Karl Baim
    Chief Operating Officer, AIA

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “The beauty of Brenda's programs is that they can be tailor-fit to the development or skill levels of the audience.”

    Waewkanee Assoratgoon
    Marketing Director, KFC Restaurants

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “Your workshop was the most entertaining and informative one I have ever attended!”

    Samantha Hyde
    British Chamber of Commerce Thailand

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “This workshop was extremely useful. Brenda shares true insight with the group - not just theory. I recommend this workshop to all!”

    Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi
    VP, Siam City Hotel

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “Brenda’s (BDA) workshop is very thought out and her research into the company’s needs is excellent.”

    Patrick Dean
    Executive Director, SEARA

  • Excerpts from past Training client testimonials

    “Brenda Bence is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever heard on the topic of individual and corporate branding.”

    Michael Doyle
    Partner, Seri Manop and Doyle Ltd.

Achieve Greater Success for YOU™ and Your Company Through Engaging Interactive Business Training Workshops with Brenda Bence

Engaging and Interactive WorkshopsBrenda Bence’s interactive corporate training workshops will forever change the way you and your team look at branding and marketing. Customized for the specific needs of your company, Brenda can focus on one or more of her areas of expertise.

  • Using her experience as a senior marketer and brander for well-known Fortune 100 companies like Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb, Brenda will show your team how to build powerhouse corporate brands that can dramatically improve your company’s bottom line.
  • As a Certified Executive Coach, Harvard MBA, and internationally renowned expert and author on the topic of personal branding, she will walk your team through a practical, step-by-step personal branding system, showing how to turn “you” into “YOU™” for better on-the-job success.
  • Combining these unique qualifications, she can show your team how the success of your company’s brand largely depends on each of their personal brands.

"With your training over these years, we've managed to build a strong professional marketing team for KFC, and the brand is now growing very successfully."
Waewkanee Assoratgoon, Marketing Director, KFC Thailand

Read more training testimonials here.

Roll Up Your Sleeves!

With Brenda’s workshops, one thing is guaranteed: Participants don’t just sit back on the sidelines and watch. Each audience member is highly involved in the learning process. Your group will apply their new skills to exercises that represent the actual challenges they encounter on a day-to-day basis at your company.

Choose from Three Possibilities:

1) Product Marketing & Company Brand Training

Based on her years of experience solving global marketing issues, Brenda will work with trainees using real-life examples of marketing challenges from all around the world. What better way to learn than by solving actual problems that companies and brands have faced and solved? When you know what others have done to thrive and build powerhouse brands, you will walk away with a long list of business-building strategies to take your company and your brands to the top.

2) Personal Branding Training

Every person in your company is part of your marketing strategy and has a unique contribution to make. Helping to define and develop each individual’s personal brand will bring them a renewed sense of purpose in their jobs, better relationships with coworkers, and increased job satisfaction. When your team is committed to developing their own personal brands, they have renewed commitment to doing their best work for the company. The outcome is an improvement of the quality of your company’s products and services – and an increase in your bottom line.

3) Corporate Branding and Personal Branding – Combined Training

Why not combine Brenda’s areas of expertise, and provide your team with a corporate / personal branding workshop? The connection between each employee’s personal brand and the success of your company’s brand cannot be minimized. If your employees’ personal brands are weak, your company’s brand will be weakened as well. Let Brenda take your team through a complete training that increases employees’ awareness of the roles they play in the success of your products and services via each of their personal brands, as well as how the company’s brands and their personal brands are intrinsically linked.

What more important takeaway can you have from a workshop than practical strategies that apply immediately to your company and your challenges? Brenda’s trainings are tailored to your needs and apply directly to the specific circumstances of your business. Whether you want training in Singapore, where she is based, or across the globe, Brenda Bence, the Founder and President of Brand Development Associates International, uses her humorous and thought-provoking style to give your team a plan of action to put into practice right away.

Choose Your Format and Topic

Customized Marketing and Branding Workshops for Your Team

Most workshops can be structured in the way that works best for you and your teams:
• Half-day courses
• One-day courses
• Multi-day courses

Here are some of Brenda’s most popular topics:

Corporate Branding/Marketing Workshops:

*In association with Brand Development Network International.

Personal Branding Workshops:
Corporate and Personal Brand Workshops Combined:
Marketing Training Lunch Series for Singapore-Based Clients:

Top Reasons to Hire Brenda as a Trainer:

  • She is a trainer who gets you RESULTS. Her programs are immediately applicable to the work your teams are doing, so you will see outcomes as soon as they head back to the office.
  • Her hands-on approach gives each participant “roll-up-your-sleeves” exercises that put theory instantly into action.
  • Brenda is an approachable but expert trainer with years of experience but the flexibility to adapt her programs to your specific needs.
  • Brenda comes to you, saving you the time and money of sending your group elsewhere.
  • Brenda involves every member of your team, using a variety of different methodologies to get trainees collaborating. In this way, you can be sure that the learning “sticks.”
  • Brenda is easy to work with, enthusiastic about branding, and has an entertaining style that engages each participant.
  • Brenda’s programs can be customized to fit your schedule and budget.
  • Brenda’s workshop topics can span from a half-day to multiple days.
  • Brenda has trained high-profile companies across dozens of countries and 4 continents.

"Brenda has marketing in her blood! If anyone would have even half of her passion for marketing, then they would not only be more successful in their professional and business life but also in their personal life. Brenda’s Smarter Branding Without Breaking the Bank workshop is a must, not only for marketing people but for all who can apply it to their everyday life at work. The day was full of revelations! I will now enjoy using these new skills in my work.”
Dr. Puntipa Vichiensanth, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Read more training testimonials here.

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