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May I ask for your vote?

May I ask for your vote?  I’m excited to have been nominated again this year as both a Top 30 Global Coaching Guru and a Top 30 Global Branding Guru! Outcomes are based on a number of factors, but a portion of the final ranking is determined by votes. So, I would be incredibly grateful for yours – thank you in advance for your support!

Here’s the voting process:

1) Visit, and select “VOTE HERE” in the navigation bar.

2) In the drop-down menu, you will see voting categories.  Please select “COACHING.” (You can return and choose BRAND to vote a second time, if you would like – I appreciate that!)

3) Login via Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn (this is required to ensure voting stays honest).

5) Scroll down, find my photo and name, then click on the button next to my photo.

6) Scroll down further (near the bottom of the page), and select Inspirational, Exceptional, Great, Very Good, or Good.

7) Once you’ve made your selection, click the “VOTE” button to confirm.

As I mentioned, the steps are the same to vote in the Brand category except during step #2, you select “BRAND” from the drop-down menu.

I can’t thank you enough for your support – I am so grateful!

I’m excited to be volunteer-coaching six students!

I’m excited to be volunteer-coaching six amazing university students as part of this year’s @HBS Singapore Club mentoring initiative! (Based on our initial kick-off session, my gut tells me I am going to learn just as much from my mentees as they will learn from me…)

Big thanks to the HBS Club Leadership Team (led by @Stan Furman) for making this year’s program happen, despite the challenges of remotely corralling 100+ volunteers and 300+ students (similar to herding cats, I suspect!).  I look forward to many wonderful sessions in the coming months.

How do I make my brand stand out in a pandemic?

“How do I make my brand stand out in a pandemic?” That’s a question leaders have asked me during these past weeks and months, so I thought I would demonstrate with a recent personal experience.

In this very short video, I share an example of a simple, low-cost yet smart idea from a brand that genuinely made me feel they care about me, my comfort, and my safety. Watch to see what they did, and then let me know: What are you and your company/team doing to make your brand stand out in the minds of customers, to cut through all of the noise going on in the world?

A true tale of two CEOs

A true tale of two CEO coaching clients: one aged 32 running an organization of 7,500 people, and one aged 54 running an organization of 37,000 people.

During the younger CEO’s session, he asked me, “How long does it take to get really good at leadership?” Two days later, during my session with the more seasoned CEO, he bemoaned, “Will I ever actually be good at leadership?”

To both of these executives, I responded with the same comment – the one I share below. Truth is: There is no “end” to anyone’s leadership journey. Leadership is a non-stop learning process.

And those who read this and get frustrated will get very different outcomes from those who read this and get energized by that idea.

Start building (or re-building) your brand now!

What makes right now a great time to start building (or re-building) your brand? In this interview with Success Labs, I share key reasons why YOU should consider building your brand, and reveal the foundational steps that are quick and simple to help you do just that.

Why they call it LeaderSHIP

Here’s my tongue-in-cheek-yet-honest take on why we call it Leader“SHIP.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Don’t just delegate the task…

This week, one of my executive coaching clients shared, “I’m so tired of the lack of ownership in this company!” It’s not unusual to hear that kind of phrase, whether a leader is talking about an individual, a team, or an entire organization.

To encourage greater ownership in any situation, I encourage clients to pause and consider “what” they are actually delegating. Is it simply the tasks/the “doing”? Or are they delegating the thinking that leads to the tasks? If you want to drive stronger ownership, delegate the thinking!What other ways can you drive greater ownership at work?

This week’s virtual GlobalGurus celebration

Wow! I am incredibly grateful to have attended this week’s GlobalGurus virtual celebration, along with so many esteemed thought leaders/fellow award winners! Thank you to Marshall Goldsmith for hosting and to the GlobalGurus team for organizing. I was honored to receive 2020’s designations of #1 Branding Guru and #10 Professional Coach worldwide. Again, just … wow!

Watch me being interviewed on how to build an inspiring leadership brand

What a fun interview this was! Gil Petersil, host of Mastermind.Space interviewed me and asked some great and powerful questions related to leadership personal branding.
In this interview, I shared many different dimensions of branding yourself, including details around the five activities you do each and every day that help build your individual brand.
I also shared simple, effective, and fun exercises you can do to get clear on what your brand really stands for.
Click on the links in the video description to see various segments, and to jump to those parts of the video.
I hope you have as much fun listening to this as I did engaging with Gil!

Watch an interview I did where I share international learnings about leading during a crisis.

What a joy it was to be a guest today on John Baldoni’s LinkedIn Live series, GRACE Under Pressure! During this 30-minute interview, I share international learnings about leading during crisis – learnings I’ve gathered from coaching executives around the world during these times of uncertainty. Watch to find out the key actions global leaders are taking to sail through this current storm and thrive, despite the challenges.