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Myth #2: Personal Branding is all about how you look and dress.

Let’s say you pick up a box of cookies at a supermarket because the packaging catches your eye. It looks upscale, gourmet, delicious. But, when you open the package and try one of the cookies, you’re disappointed. The cookies don’t taste terrible, mind you, but they don’t taste any better than the less expensive cookies with the average packaging. You may have fallen prey to the packaging once, but it’s highly likely you’ll never buy those cookies again. Read the rest of this entry »

Myth #1: Personal Branding is all about self-promotion.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! True personal branding is not superficial. It’s more about understanding who you – and, therefore, ‘YOU™’ – are. That’s right – the Trademarked You. This is how YOU™ are like shampoo. But just like in corporate branding, no matter how much money a company spends on marketing its brands, product brands aren’t all about promotion either. Read the rest of this entry »