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Traveling around the world with your Personal Brand in tow

Can anybody deny the world has gotten much smaller over the years?  In fact, these days, working globally has become the norm.  But this can potentially bring on challenges when it comes to traveling to different countries with your personal brand in tow.   After all, every culture is different, and what’s polite and appropriate in one country may be interpreted as rude in another.  So, how do you stay true to your personal brand on the road while making sure you don’t damage relationships along the way? Read the rest of this entry »

Myth #4: Personal branding is all about me

Do you think personal branding is all about you? If so, think again! The truth is that a well-defined personal brand is really about your Audience – the person or people you most want to impact with your brand at work and in your career. Read the rest of this entry »