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Top 10 Job Search Personal Branding Mistakes

Employers want to know why you are the best choice for the job. Should they hire you or another candidate? But here’s a surprising truth: The person who truly connects with the interviewer is most likely to get the job – even over someone who might be more qualified. That’s where your personal brand comes in.

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Marketing on a Shoestring Budget™: Empty Pockets, Full Marketing Plan

As business owners, we try to do more with less, but few of us really succeed.  Despite our best efforts, it seems we’re always running short…short on money, short on people, short on time.  When those unlimited short-falls occur, marketing is often one of the first functions to be sacrificed on the altar of the bottom line.  A potentially ‘fatal error’  –  and one that may be the key to why more than 90% of new businesses wind up dead-on-arrival within a year of start-up.

For this reason, developing cost-effective, business-building marketing initiatives is the single largest challenge facing success-minded business owners today.

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