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YOU™ and Your Company: Making the Corporate Brand / Personal Brand Connection

You may already know that defining and communicating your unique personal brand on the job is a powerful way to further your career. But have you ever thought about the connection between your personal brand and your company’s brand? What role does that “connection” – or lack of a connection – play in your career success? And how do you determine if your personal brand is out of sync with your company’s brand?

Whether we’re talking about personal brands or corporate brands, here’s a secret that the best marketers know: Great brands don’t get to be great by accident! In fact, there is a tried-and-true formula for building great brands, and it starts with defining six core elements. These elements fit together like puzzle pieces to define your personal brand or your company’s brand, and they reflect what you want your firm, or “YOU™” – the Trademarked you – to stand for. How does your personal brand line up with your company’s brand in terms of these six elements?

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What does “Brand Thailand” stand for now?

As many of you know, my husband Daniel and I have been living in Bangkok for the past 9+ years.  What you may not know is how very much we love it here!  It’s a wonderful place to live and work… the people, the weather, the food, the diverse countryside, the traditions, the culture… we thoroughly enjoy calling Bangkok our “home.”

During the last 2-3 of those years, a lot of events have taken place here in Thailand that have brought the country to the front page of international news – but not necessarily in a positive way.

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