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Challenge #8: “I feel guilty saying ‘no.’”

As a busy exec, you’re constantly pulled in many directions. Headquarters wants your profit projections for next quarter a week in advance of when you planned, there’s a line of direct reports at your office door waiting to meet with you, your inbox is filled with 200+ unanswered emails, and a not-for-profit organization wants you to give the keynote speech at an upcoming charity dinner. In the meantime, your son needs help with his math homework, your spouse complains because you haven’t been home for dinner in a week, and your ailing parents’ financial situation needs your attention. Something has to give, right? But the question is: What?

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Challenge #7: “I Know I’m not Delegating as Much as I Probably Should, But…”

As a leader of an organization, let’s face it: You can’t do it all yourself. So, you know you have to delegate, and you do genuinely try. But lately, you’ve found your to-do list getting longer… you spend most of your time in back-to-back meetings… your normal workday has extended to 12+ hours… and you’re working weekends just to catch up. If this is the case, you’re probably not delegating enough.

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How Personal Branding Can Get You More Interviews … and a Great New Job

One of the most common misconceptions about searching for a job is that the person with the most or best experience is the one who gets hired. Truth is: You’re more likely to be hired for a job based on your connection with the interviewer than on your qualifications. And the best way to forge an instant, powerful connection with your interviewer is to define and communicate a strong job-seeker personal brand.

Personal branding – the way you want interviewers to perceive, think, and feel about you in relation to other candidates applying for the same job – can help you to build a relationship with a potential employer. And, that all-important connection begins long before you walk through the company’s doors for an initial interview. Indeed, a potential employer is developing a perception of your personal brand from your very first communication – whether by phone, e-mail, or snail mail. So, even if you’ve never thought about personal branding, you already have a job-seeker personal brand that is making impressions on your prospective employers – just by virtue of the fact that you’re looking for a job.

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