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How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

In his 1985 book, Ogilvy on Advertising, David Ogilvy famously said, “The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife.” Of course, he’d have a hard time getting away with that kind of comment today, but his point is still a valid one.

The truth is: Too many businesses think of their target market as one large, pulsing mass. But your target market is actually made up of individuals just like you, your wife, your husband, your mother, your father, or your children. Your customers are people with hopes, dreams, frustrations, families to feed, bills to pay, and vacations to plan. The most successful brands recognize this and look at their target market as a “Target of One.” So, how well do you know your target market … your Target of One?

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Challenge #12: “It’s lonely at the top – who can I turn to for an objective perspective?”

It’s just the sheer nature of the beast. At your level, everyone you turn to for advice has a hidden agenda. No matter how hard they may try, their perspectives cannot help but be “biased.” This includes your spouse, your children, your boss, your Board of Directors, your subordinates, and your peers. So, where can you go for an impartial viewpoint? Who can you turn to for a truly objective discussion?

Executive Coaching may be the answer. There is an unfortunate myth about Executive Coaching that it’s only about “fixing problems,” but nothing could be further from the truth! Coaching isn’t consulting, counseling, or therapy. It isn’t about regretting a past that can’t be changed. It’s about focusing on a future that can be changed. Executive Coaching helps leaders who are already successful achieve even more in the future.

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How to Tackle Social Media: Get Back to the Basics

The excitement of so-called “new media” is keeping marketers and branders up at night. As they explore this new, uncharted territory, marketers all across the globe are asking themselves questions they never would have conceived of just ten years ago. “What’s our Facebook strategy for driving consumer loyalty?” “Who should be managing our brand’s Twitter account?” “How do we leverage YouTube to create the next big ‘talk-of-the-globe’ video?”

Social media has become Goliath to every marketer’s David. In case you’ve been sleeping at the wheel, here are a few facts for perspective:

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Challenge #11: “I get no ‘real’ holiday time because I’m always in contact with the office.”

In this article, I want to address the issue of executives and their planned holidays that simply turn into “working somewhere other than the office.”

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

• You choose your hotel or resort because it has a wireless connection that will allow you to check e-mails on a regular basis.
• The plane lands at your holiday destination and, immediately upon turning on your cell phone, you see 14 missed calls from various members of your team.
• You miss breakfast because you’re busy putting out fires via e-mail at the start of your day.
• Your spouse becomes upset because you’re taking calls while you’re on the beach, at dinner, at the museum – you name it.
• You have to leave your family and return to your hotel room for a Skype conference with your boss.
• You find yourself more stressed after your holiday than you were before you left because you spent your time away trying to juggle work and leisure.

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