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How Johnnie Walker came to be one of the world’s most recognized whiskeys.

The actual Johnnie Walker logo came from a lunch meeting between a famous cartoonist and JW execs, where, after a meal and a drink, the cartoonist was asked to draw a figure that would personify the brand. It was drawn on the back of a menu. Now, the company and its logo are recognized worldwide, and they sell over 11 million bottles per year, almost enough to stretch around the globe.

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PUMA developed from a rivalry between two brothers…

PUMA developed as a rivalry between two brothers. It has gone from signature soccer apparel to a line of clothing representing a hip, cool fusion of sports, fashion and high-style. Though it used to compete primarily with Adidas and Nike, it now competes with brands such as Gucci, Armani Diesel and D&G. Not happy with your current brand’s results against existing competition? Try changing who you compete with!

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Martha Stewart – from ‘busted’ brand in handcuffs & knitted poncho to legendary personal and corporate brand.

Not long ago, the world watched while Martha Stewart’s brand plummeted and the press had a field day as a result of her conviction of stock trading conspiracy. I still have images in my mind of the famous knitted poncho Martha wore in the aftermath of her release …

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