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Put an Employee in Your Shoes

In my upcoming book – Would You Want to Work For You? – I discuss employee development strategies and how to build your people without losing precious time. I also talk about the importance of receiving feedback from your team.

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Does your company “get” you?

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Communication is everything, so if people aren’t understanding your message, you may as well be speaking to the wall. This recent article, “When CEOs Talk Strategy, 70% of the Company Doesn’t Get it” outlines the issues that cause miscommunication and misalignment and ways to make sure your people “get” you and your message.

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Are you a good listener?


As leaders, we often overlook listening skills. After all, aren’t leaders supposed to tell people what to do instead of listening? Aren’t great leaders supposed to be heard instead of hearing what others have to say?

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What makes a leader inspirational and motivational?

I explore this topic in my upcoming book- Would You Want to Work For You? Meanwhile, has a great article on the subject to give you a primer on the traits that inspirational and motivational leaders tend to have in common. How would you rate yourself on these attributes?

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How “likable” are you as a leader?

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Being “liked” isn’t everything when it comes to leadership, but it definitely matters – especially if you want to be the kind of boss others want to work for. It isn’t about being popular, though. It’s about retaining the best employees, inspiring others to better productivity and creativity, and getting the kind of results that help you rise in your career.

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Developing people isn’t a task you do “on the side”

In my upcoming book – Would You Want to Work For YOU? – I argue that building people is an integral, day-to-day part of your job as a leader, and I offer strategies for developing your team members on a moment-by-moment basis.

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Family Brands: Is Yours like the Kardashians, the Trumps, or the Osbornes?

For many people living in the northern hemisphere, this time of the year brings with it good, old-fashioned, picnic-in the-park family reunions.  In fact, I recently received an email announcing a big family reunion that will take place in August in my hometown in Nebraska.  And, my – how our family has grown! I was surprised to hear that over 100 people were invited.

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Authentic Leadership: Are You For Real?

A while ago, I coached a senior-level executive at a multinational corporation who had a bad reputation within his company.  How bad?  Well, when I interviewed his coworkers and his subordinates, the most consistent word used to describe him was “jerk.”  He was getting business results and hitting the numbers, but those results were coming at great expense to others and to the company.  Morale in his department was at an all-time low, and his team members were leaving in droves.

Clearly, his leadership personal brand was in serious trouble.  Perhaps someone like Donald Trump can get away with that kind of reputation, but most executives who behave in this way are on the short road to ruining their careers.  His future opportunities were going to be severely limited unless he learned how to work more effectively with others.

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Take a Brand Inventory Self-Check

Coming to the beginning of August means that there are only five months left in the year – indeed, 60% of 2013 is already history!  Whether you are working on your personal brand or your company’s brand, it’s a good time of the year to take an inventory to self-check your progress and ask yourself:  How is your brand doing right now?

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