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Busy? Here’s a great way to stay connected!

I’m working on my next book right now, so my free time is quite limited. But I hate turning down “let’s get together” invitations that come in from friends and colleagues. My solution?  “Virtual drinks.” Agree on a date and time, send a video call invitation, we each show up to the call with a drink in hand – and voila!  We can take a break and connect for about 20-30 minutes or so, without having to leave the office.

If you’re strapped for time, too, and haven’t reached out to key contacts in a while, try a virtual drink – it’s a great way to stay in touch!

Clients often ask me, “How can I demonstrate greater Executive Presence?”

Does this cartoon seem familiar to you?

Clients often ask me, “How can I demonstrate greater Executive Presence?” My response: Be PRESENT. Be in the here and now, not agonizing over a situation from the past or anticipating what might come in the future. This applies to most situations: attending meetings, presenting, giving feedback, and when you’re at home with family or on vacation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – how do YOU stay present throughout your day?

In Hong Kong this week to do two of my favorite things – speak to audiences and coach executives.

As a frequent traveler, I am often asked how to stay mindful and maintain wellness during business trips. One thing I do is wake up early and take a moment to pause and appreciate the surroundings. Here’s the beautiful sunrise that welcomed me this morning!

How do you navigate office politics and still stay authentic?

Very few leaders like dealing with organizational politics, but learning to successfully navigate through it is key to success in the work world. In this video, excerpted from an interview with Forbes contributor, Caterina Kostoula, I share a simple yet effective way of managing the seemingly daunting “office politics maze” while helping you to remain authentic and get more done on the job.