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It’s never too late for an inspiring leader to do “this”

It’s never too late for an inspiring leader to do whatCelebrate wins! 

Years of working with executives has taught me that, unfortunately, we don’t celebrate successes as often as we could.  A few years ago, that learning prompted me to write an article called “The Top 10 Reasons Why Leaders Should Celebrate Wins.”  It was printed in dozens of media outlets around the world, and it was even picked up by bestselling author Guy Kawasaki, who featured it in his book called Enchantment. It’s become such a popular article that I decided to turn it into a short-duration video.

Many leaders wait until it’s the end of the calendar or fiscal year to celebrate successes. But not celebrating more frequently is a lost opportunity for both you as an inspiring leader, and for your team / the people you work with.

Click below to watch my video that shares the top reasons to celebrate wins. I hope you enjoy this gentle reminder of the importance of recognizing successes both for yourself and for others. How will YOU™ celebrate wins between now and the end of the year?

What is the secret to earning more money and getting promoted?

A raise or promotion can be guaranteed by using one simple yet powerful tip. Watch and learn this sure-fire approach that I have shared with tens of thousands of clients around the world—with amazing outcomes. Excerpted from an interview I did as a guest on Christopher Rainey’s HRD Leaders Podcast, this one method can catapult your career trajectory.

The surprising truth about sitting “idly” at work

Thinking strategically is a critically important skill that must be developed in order to get promoted to higher levels of an organization … but most aspiring leaders don’t take time to do it. In this video, I share a client’s story you might relate to and emphasizes the importance of occasionally “doing nothing” on the job. Watch to find out why!

How do you navigate office politics and still stay authentic?

Very few leaders like dealing with organizational politics, but learning to successfully navigate through it is key to success in the work world. In this video, excerpted from an interview with Forbes contributor, Caterina Kostoula, I share a simple yet effective way of managing the seemingly daunting “office politics maze” while helping you to remain authentic and get more done on the job.

What is imposter syndrome, and how do you avoid it?

Whether or not you’ve heard of “imposter syndrome,” I hope you find this video helpful. Excerpted from an interview with Forbes contributor Caterina Kostoula, I define this common challenge that many leaders experience. I also share effective yet simple approaches that many clients have used to successfully lead themselves out of this leadership-brand-busting mindset. Video Link

“I never have enough time!”

“I never have enough time!” is a phrase I often hear as an Executive Coach. In a recent interview I did with Forbes contributor Caterina Kostoula, I shared a short, simple tip that helps you look at time in a new way, so that you can manage your 24-hours/day more effectively. Watch the video below, and let me know what you think!

What is the best skill a leader can have?

What is THE most important leadership skill, and how often do you embrace it as a leader? Click below to watch the first video of my series, called “Inspiring Leadership Tips in 3 Minutes or Less.” Excerpted from an online interview I did for the HR Summit Global, I share many tips, tools, and leadership techniques I’ve gained through Executive Coaching at the highest levels of multinational organizations. Let me know what you think! Watch below, and stay tuned to access more of these short and informative tips to help YOU™ build a strong and inspiring brand for yourself as a leader.