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Are you a job seeker? Find out how your personal branding is doing before, during, and after interviews.
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How You are like shampoo for Job Seekers
How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for Job Seekers - Brand Yourself for Greater Job Search Success
How you are like shampoo for Job Seekers

Job Seekers Quiz

How you are like shampoo for Job Seekers
How You Are Like Shampoo For Job Seekers Book Awards

How is Your Job-Seeker Personal Brand Doing?

Take our Job Seeker Personal Brand quiz, and find out! Hopefully, you know by now that just by virtue of looking for a new job, you already have a personal brand - whether that idea excites you … or fills you with dread. To find out the status of your current job-seeker personal brand, below are a series of questions. You’ll be able to determine how well your job-seeker personal brand is currently serving you in your interviews and in your search not just for any job but for ‘the’ job of your dreams.

No matter how well you do on this test, the good news is that How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for Job Seekers is at your fingertips to help you where you need improvement. With the book and its proven branding system in hand, you can turn your current job-seeker personal brand into one that gets results and brings you the kind of job you truly want and deserve.

Are you ready? Let’s go …

Not sure of the answer to any of these questions? You can use How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for Job Seekers as an easy-to-follow guide – just turn to the page number(s) listed after each question to find the answer you’re looking for.

1) Can you clearly state the definition of a job-seeker personal brand?
( See page 26 )

Yes No

2) In your job search, have you routinely applied the three critical steps that go into building a successful personal brand?
( See page 16 )

Yes No

3) Can you name the six elements that make up the definition of your job-seeker personal brand?
( See pages 32-34 )

Yes No

4) Do you know the single best way to get the job you really want?
( See page 39 )

Yes No

5) Do you know the difference between a functional need and an emotional need when it comes to your job-seeker personal brand?
( See page 63 )

Yes No

6) Do you know the three types of credibility boosters you can leverage with interviewers?
( See pages 100-101 )

Yes No

7) Do you know the five activities that you do in every interview that most impact your job-seeker personal brand?
( See page 147 )

Yes No

8) Do you know the 14 specific actions to take before you enter an interviewer’s office that can get you the job you want?
( See pages 155-161 )

Yes No

9) Do you know why your ‘look’ is just as important after an interview as it is during the interview?
( See pages 195-197 )

Yes No

10) Can you name the single most important activity that is under your control which can make your job search quick and productive?
( See pages 217-219 )

Yes No

11) Can you name the 20 most damaging Job-Seeker Personal Brand Busters™ that can hold you back from job search success?
( See pages 248-257 )

Yes No

Yes, you CAN get the job you want quickly and easily!

Looking for a job does not have to be painful – it can actually be fun.

The key is to be absolutely clear about who the job-seeking “YOU™” really are and leverage your personal brand before, during, and after job interviews.

Let How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for Job Seekers show you how!

Click here to order How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo For Job Seekers and craft, communicate, and master a powerful job-seeker personal brand – starting today!