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Brenda Bence in the Media

A dynamic and knowledgeable corporate branding and personal branding expert for radio, television, and print.

Brenda Bence, Harvard MBA, Certified Speaking Professional, Trainer, Certified Executive Coach, and award-winning author, is available for interviews face-to-face, on camera, or over the phone.

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Clients Include
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include Citibank, AIA, and 3M
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include Danone, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and KFC
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include Kraft, Mattel, and Microsoft
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include Deloitte, JLT, and Lilly
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include National Starch, Mead Johnson, and Standard Chartered Bank
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include Sheraton, Pizza Hut, and United Airlines
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include General Motors, Deutsche Bank, and Chicago Booth School of Business
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include Salvation Army, Habitat For Humanity, and Perfetti van Melle
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include UNDP, Singapore Tourism Board, and Sealed Air
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include Barclays, UBS, and National University of Singapore
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include US Department of Commerce and Radisson
Brenda Bence’s Clients Include Abbott and PIMCO
Office in the U.S.

Office in Asia


Brenda Bence: Corporate Branding and Personal Branding Expert

  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • Managed name brands for Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb across 4 continents and 50 countries; lived in six countries outside the U.S. over 18 years
  • Author of 10 leadership branding books which have won 40 national and international awards
  • Certified Speaking Professional - National Speakers Association
  • Certified Executive Coach – International Coach Federation
  • Ranked #7 in the World’s Top 30 Coaching Professionals for 2019 by Global Gurus, alongside other influential global coaches such as Marshall Goldsmith, Tony Robbins, and Jack Canfield.
  • Featured or published in over 400 magazines and publications
  • Founder and President of Brenda Bence International, with offices in the U.S. and Asia

"You are TOP of the class and made my job so easy – you are awesome!"

- Adrienne Soresi, Host,
  NBC 40 - Better Living with Adrienne Show

"Great segment! It was entertaining and informative which makes it darn-near perfect!"

- Mindy Paul, Producer,
  The Richard Dixon Show

"You are fabulous! You gave our listeners much to think about. I will definitely invite you to come back on the show!"

- Fe' Williams, Host,
  Women Talk Radio

"You were a superb guest - interesting and very knowledgeable. A true professional!"

- Tom Sterner, Host,
  Living in The Present Radio Show

"Great job on the show! You are very engaging, informative and fun!"

- Stewart Wibitz, Host,
  The Queen of Fun Show

"You have a great radio voice and very interesting topic ... I would love to have you on again!"

- Bill Horan, Host,
  Secrets of Success Radio Show

"We used our show with you for a rerun when we went on vacation. That was a lot of fun! People love it!"

- Wibitz Stewart, Host,
  Queen of Fun Radio Show

Media Kit Contents

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  • Leading YOU™
  • Would YOU Want to Work for YOU™?
  • Master the Brand Called YOU™
  • How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for Job Seekers
    HTML   PDF
  • How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for College Graduates
    HTML   PDF
  • Smarter Branding Without Breaking the Bank
    HTML   PDF

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Brenda is Available to Educate and Entertain Your Audiences on the Following Topics:

Would YOU Want to Work for YOU?
Simple Tips for How to Lead Others Effectively

Would YOU Want to Work for YOU? Simple Tips for How to Lead Others Effectively

Leaders who reach the top of their professions have mastered the people side of the equation. With that in mind, Brenda challenges listeners to answer the question, “Would YOU want to work for YOU?” She shares tips, tools, and fascinating real-world case studies from her years as an executive coach to demonstrate how to become the kind of leader others would be honored to follow.
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Personal Branding for Greater Success on the Job

Find Out About Your Personal Brand: Who Are “YOU™” - The Trademarked YOU?

Based on the same brand marketing methods that mega brands use, Brenda will share her unique proven personal branding system with your audience to help them craft and communicate “The Trademarked YOU™” for greater success on the job and in their careers.
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Using Personal Branding for Greater Job Search Success

Use Personal Branding to Find the Right Job for YOU

Brenda will enlighten your audience about how to define and communicate a “job-seeker personal brand” that can help land the best possible job on fast timing. Includes the most common job-seeker mistakes to avoid based on dozens of interviews with HR professionals all around the globe.
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Greater Job Search Success for College Graduates, too! Click here

Personal Brand Blunders and Bloopers to Avoid

Avoid the Most Common Personal Branding Mistakes

In a fun and engaging “quiz” format, Brenda shares with listeners the most common ‘at-work’ pitfalls and traps to avoid in order to keep their careers on track. Specialized quizzes for Leaders, Women, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Administrative Assistants.
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International Blunders and Bloopers

Mistakes People Make with Their Personal Brands Oversea

Brenda shares hilarious blunders and bloopers, real-life stories amassed from living overseas in diverse cultures for more than 15 years. Brenda will keep your audience laughing, learning … and inspired.
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For Business Audiences Specifically

Powerhouse Brand Building for Your Company and Products

Brenda Bence, Branding Expert, Offers Dozens of Smart Branding Tips

Brenda knows that great brands don’t get to be great brands by accident! She’ll let your audience in on trade secrets for growing a powerhouse brand that truly breaks through the clutter and sets itself up for continuous growth.
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Smarter Branding Without Breaking the Bank

Cost Effective Marketing and Branding Techniques

Business owners often say they can't market effectively because they don't have enough money, people, time, etc. Let Brenda Bence share with your audiences the five assets that every company already has that can be used immediately to build any business for low cost or no cost at all.
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The Top Branding Mistakes Companies Make

How to Avoid Branding and Marketing Mistakes In Your Business

When  growing a business, every error you make means money out of your pocket. So, why not learn ahead of time which pitfalls to avoid? Let Brenda Bence share her list of the most common branding mistakes that companies make.
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