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  • March 2020: Feeling isolated? Proven tips for leading through COVID-19
  • As the world faces the COVID-19 global pandemic, many companies are implementing business continuity plans, and that means leaders must work and lead remotely. In this newsletter, Brenda shares some of the most effective suggestions and tips that have helped her multinational executive coaching clients as they lead from afar—tips that not only help maintain productivity but also create a sense of team camaraderie. Brenda also shares news about her 11th book, which will be released later this year. Entitled The Forgotten Choice, Brenda asks readers for help in voting on the best subtitle for the book.

  • February 2020: A Surprising Antidote for Fear During Times of Turmoil
  • In the midst of today's disruptive world, with problems like the COVID-19 virus to deal with, it's easy to fall into a place of fear. After all, 24 hours a day, we’re hearing about and witnessing the details of how tens of thousands of people across the world are being negatively impacted, both at work and at home. (Brenda’s heartfelt empathy goes out to everyone who has been affected.) In this newsletter, Brenda challenges readers to approach any potential fear-inducing situation from a slightly different angle… with one of the best antidotes you can embrace when feeling any sense of fear, angst, or anxiety. Also in this newsletter, Brenda takes a moment to thank her readers for voting in the Global Gurus ranking. Read on to see where Brenda ranked in this year’s Coaching and Branding categories (spoiler alert: it’s in the top 10 for both)!

  • January 2020: Could this one simple question turn YOUR goals into reality, too?
  • To kick off the new decade, Brenda shares two great tips to help you achieve your goals, both professionally and personally. The first is a simple yet powerful question you can regularly ask yourself to make sure you get what you want. The second tip is a tool that Brenda has shared with coaching clients and audiences around the world - one of the most effective and proven ways to assure that long-term, sustainable change “sticks.” Start using these tools immediately to experience outstanding success in achieving your own goals!

  • December 2019: How well do YOU score on this inspiring leadership quiz?
  • Having recently attended the Thinkers50 biennial event in London, Brenda shares with her readers several key learnings she gained from this monumental gathering.  In this newsletter, readers have an opportunity to take an interesting, fun quiz based on Brenda’s learning from “being in the room” with the some of the best leadership and management thinkers in the world.  Brenda also shares to vote for her as a Global Guru in both the Coaching and Branding categories.  Enjoy the quiz and to see how well your own inspiring leadership brand is doing (don’t worry, the answers are included at the end)!

  • November 2019: It’s never too late for an inspiring leader to do “this”
  • As a leader, how much of “this” are you doing?  Executive Coach Brenda Bence shares one of her most important tips for inspiring leadership, a tip which was not only picked up by many media outlets but that was also included in bestselling Author Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment.  This is something that leaders usually put off until the end of year, but Brenda shares 10 powerful reasons why it should be done regularly, so that you as a leader, can build your inspiring leadership brand.  After you read this newsletter, ask yourself, what ideas do YOU™ have for implementing this tip?  Have fun with it!  Lastly, in this newsletter, Brenda also announces her recent nomination as a Top 30 Global Guru in both Coaching and Branding, and shares with readers how they can vote.

  • October 2019: The Surprising Truth About How to Create an Inspiring Leadership Legacy
  • Many leaders want to “leave a legacy” upon exiting a post, but what does that actually mean? In this newsletter, Brenda shares a common misperception of what a legacy really is and provides a helpful list of questions you can ask yourself to assess whether you are truly building your legacy—one that will lead toward building an inspiring leadership brand. Brenda also provides links to a few recent video tips from her YouTube channel, filled with ideas that can help you get closer to achieving the legacy YOU™ want to leave behind.

  • August 2019: Are you doing enough of “this” to build your inspiring leadership brand?
  • In this newsletter, Executive Coach Brenda Bence reveals an important lesson she learned early in her career, and how it can impact you in today’s modern world as you build your inspiring leadership brand.  Related to this same lesson, Brenda also shares several popular tools used by her Executive Coaching clients which you can immediately apply yourself.  One of the tools highlighted by Brenda is an amazing new book which is fascinating, powerful, and fun – all at the same time. Read this newsletter to find out more!

  • June 2019: Does negative feedback really work?
  • As we reach the half-way mark for 2019, many leaders and employees are gearing up for performance reviews. That means giving and receiving feedback, which can often many leaders uncomfortable. In this newsletter, Brenda shares a personal lesson she learned about feedback, gained from her own experience as a leader. She offers how to provide feedback in a way that results in better performance from employees, without having to be “negative” in the approach. The outcome? A clear example of why negative feedback never works, along with a demonstration of what you can do instead. Also in this newsletter, Brenda shares a pattern she has noticed from coaching hundreds of senior leaders: You likely learned to lead others from how you were led early on in your career. Since that experience may not have been the best model, Brenda shares links to some of her most popular leadership training programs that have helped leaders from dozens of multinational corporations strengthen their inspirational leadership (and feedback) skills.

  • February 2019: Inspiring Leadership Tips in 3 Minutes or Less
  • In this newsletter, Brenda makes an exciting announcement and shares a thank-you gift for readers.  The announcement?  That Brenda now ranks #7 among the Top 30 Executive Coaches Worldwide and #4 among the Top 30 Branding Experts Worldwide! As Brenda’s way of thanking subscribers for their continued support, she shares links to a just-released series of short (maximum 3-minute) videos. This series is full of powerful tips, tools, and techniques to help YOU™ build an inspiring leadership brand.  Watch these videos to discover Brenda’s answers to questions such as: “What is the best skill a leader can have?” “How do you prevent employee turnover in this day and age?” and “How exactly should you give feedback?”  Brenda also shares the link to her YouTube channel so that readers can subscribe and be the first to watch new video releases in the future.

  • Jan 2019: Seven Ways to Make Sure Your Vision for the Future Becomes Reality
  • Happy 2019! In Brenda’s first newsletter of the year, she challenges you to think about the year to come and to get crystal clear about what you really want the future to hold.  To aid in that process, Brenda shares some foolproof tips that have helped her executive coaching clients craft their visions for the future, ensuring they get the career - and the life - that they want.  By reading Brenda’s article on the seven most common mistakes she sees her clients make when crafting a vision, you’ll walk away with proven, helpful, and immediately useful tips to avoid those common mistakes yourself, enabling you, too, to turn your vision into reality.

  • Dec 2018: In 2019, will you let this anchor hold you back?
  • As we get ready to close out 2018, Brenda shares an article she wrote about a particularly challenging “anchor” that holds many people back from achieving success, tackling one of the most common issues she finds in her coaching clients (maybe you face this challenge, too?). Brenda explores the implications of this issue, and then provides a simple, useful, and straightforward process that can help you move past the challenge and enter 2019 with a positive and empowered outlook. Brenda also shares the various ways you can stay connected with her across multiple social media platforms, both personally and professionally. Happy New Year to YOU™!

  • Oct 2018: When Busy Becomes Bad
  • As the last quarter of the year gets into full swing, everybody seems to get so busy! In this newsletter, Brenda poses an important question that she asks her coaching clients: Are you "good" busy or "bad" busy? If you’re not sure of the difference between the two, or if you are unclear on how to handle the overwhelm that can sometimes accompany too much busy-ness, this newsletter is for you. Brenda shares top tips for shifting from "bad" busy to "good," and she also highlights a related lesson from our wise old friend, Winnie The Pooh – a lesson that can help speed up that bad-to-good transition. Lastly, Brenda outlines a simple but effective way to develop yourself, both personally and professionally - with minimal time and effort. Enjoy!

  • March 2018: The Power of Gratitude in Building a Strong Brand for Yourself
  • In this newsletter, Brenda discusses the importance of gratitude. Having just found out that she received two global recognitions, Brenda shares that she is feeling particularly grateful, being ranked by Global Gurus as #9 in the Top 10 Executive Coaches Worldwide 2018 as well as the #5 in the Top 10 Branding Experts Worldwide 2018. To illustrate the power of gratitude in the workplace, Brenda shares a powerful story of how the simple act of gratitude transformed one particular coaching client’s job environment, ultimately resulting in better morale and overall productivity. Brenda also shares the tips she gave the coaching client, which had a lasting impact, not just on the client’s individual brand as a leader, but also on the company as a whole. Brenda ends this newsletter with a “gratitude challenge,” encouraging readers to apply the same gratitude guidelines for 30 days, and see for themselves the amazing results being grateful can bring to building a strong brand for yourself.

  • Jan 2018: Part IV: My Favorite Productivity Tips & Tools for 2018
  • As we get into the swing of things in the new year, Brenda’s fourth and final installment of her productivity tips provides actionable steps you can take – as well as what to avoid - to help you stay on track with your goals. In this edition, Brenda unveils the three top time wasters that she consistently sees when coaching executives. Revealing techniques for how to keep those three at bay, she also shares the single most powerful word you can use to help you manage your time more efficiently. Find out what you can do to get your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule under control, and turn this year into your most productive ever. That’s how you build a strong brand for yourself as a leader in 2018!

  • Jan 2018: Part III: My Favorite Productivity Tips & Tools for 2018
  • To kick off 2018, Brenda’s third installment in her series of productivity tips helps you save time by using resources you probably already have – in a more efficient way. Brenda shares three smart productivity tips to help you get your new year off to a fantastic start: How to get more out of your existing laptop/desktop, capitalize on your email function even more smartly, and use one of the most widely embraced apps in a way you may not have thought of. Read on, to find out how these clever yet simple productivity tips and tools can help you do more - in less time!

  • Jan 2018: Part II: My Favorite Productivity Tips & Tools for 2018
  • In the second installment of Brenda’s newsletter series which focuses on tips and tools to increase productivity, Brenda helps us get clear on how time really is money, and how to make the best out of the time you currently have without negatively affecting your bottom line – or your health. To help, Brenda outlines some proven success tips to help YOU™ strike a balance in getting your work tasks accomplished while simultaneously looking after your physical self. With 2018 around the corner, these tools can help you move forward, setting you on the right track for achieving your goals, whether they be professional or personal.

  • Jan 2018: Part #1 : My Favorite Productivity Tips & Tools for 2018
  • As we approach the end of 2017, Brenda points out that many of her executive coaching clients are feeling tremendous pressure due to the need to get so much done before the year-end holidays… yet still find enough time to enjoy family – and start ramping up to achieve goals for 2018! To help you use your time most effectively, Brenda begins a series of four newsletters in which she showcases some of her favorite tools for improved efficiency and productivity. This, to help you maximize the remainder of 2017 and to get a great jump-start to 2018. Have YOU™ tried any of these unique tips and tools? Check them out for yourself, and keep in mind: They also make great year-end gifts for a busy loved one! .

  • Aug 2017: Asking for Help-Why is it So Hard?
  • In the August issue of Brenda Bence’s newsletter, she explores a topic that has been not only a struggle for her coaching clients, but also a personal challenge for herself: asking for help. As an Executive Coach to clients across multiple continents and industries, Brenda has found that often people easily are willing to offer help, but tend to hold back when it comes to asking for help for themselves. When Brenda was recently faced with a situation to ask for help, she decided to explore further the fears that hold us back. Brenda addresses some of these common fears and shares tips on how you can get comfortable asking for help and overcoming those fears. These are the same successful tips her coaching clients have used to further their career and build a stronger self-leadership brand for themselves. Brenda also uses this chance to address her own challenge when it comes to asking for help, by asking her readers to participate in a survey that will be a part of her upcoming book, The Choice.

  • Jun 2017: We Know the Basics of Powerful Presenting…But What "Really" Matters?
  • In Brenda Bence’s latest newsletter, she shares the top presenting mistakes she has seen as an Executive Coach. These mistakes have held self-leaders and CEOs-in-training back from achieving their potential. Brenda now shares her proven method used as a coach and trainer across multiple continents, that have helped people overcome their fear of presenting. In this issue, Brenda lays out the three most common mistakes and she provides tips and tools to help address them, such as the four Ps, and how you can connect with your audience with ease. Also, as an added bonus, Brenda invites her subscribers to take part in the first-ever International Speakers Summit in June 2017, where the audience can learn first hand the tips of the trade from nearly 50 of the top professional speakers. This unique experience will provide the audience the tools on how to craft a winning presentation, and improve their speaking skills that will strengthen their internal and external brand in the process.

  • Apr 2017: Looking Back to Look Forward-Our Entrepreneurship
  • April 1, 2017 marked the 15th anniversary of the start-up of Brenda’s company, Brand Development Associates (BDA) International! To add to this exciting event, in this newsletter Brenda also shares that she has been recognized as one of The Top 25 Global Coaching Gurus and The Top 20 Global Branding Gurus. Reflecting on these milestones, Brenda shares her personal, entrepreneurial brand-building story. As a way to thank clients and readers across the globe, Brenda offers a chance to win one of 15 complimentary subscriptions to her online brand-building video course. Brenda ends by sharing with readers a fundamental skill that both entrepreneurs and “intra-preneurs” require for ongoing success. Can you guess what it is?

  • Jan 2017: "The New Year/New YOU Self-Leadership 'Stillness' Challenge"
  • Brenda kicks off her first newsletter of 2017 not with a traditional New Year’s Resolution, but with a New Year’s Challenge for readers. Based on a chapter in Brenda’s latest book, Leading YOU™, she shares the critical importance of mind management as a core foundation for powerful self-leadership. To practice sound mind management, Brenda encourages readers to go a step beyond meditation (the mind is still busy) and shift into total body and mind stillness. After sharing the multiple benefits of doing so and her own (rather funny) experiences in the year’s early attempts, Brenda encourages readers to join her in trying this interesting 17-minute challenge. By doing so, readers gain a chance to win one of several complimentary copies of Brenda’s recently released ebook or audio book of Leading YOU™.

  • Dec 2016: Demonstrate good self-leadership: Create your own "holiday-season mantra!"
  • The last newsletter of 2016 celebrates the release of Brenda’s ninth book, entitled Leading YOU™. Based on her years of experience as a Senior Executive Coach, Leading YOU™ reveals the top 15 self-leadership mistakes she regularly sees in her practice, and offers tips, tools, and solutions for each. Have YOU made any of these self-leadership mistakes? Check out this month’s newsletter to find out... Brenda also shares a step-by-step process for creating your customized “Holiday-Season Mantra” to help you stay calm, centered, and in control -- even in the face of the hectic year-end season. Lastly, this newsletter outlines the various ways you can get a copy of Leading YOU™, whether you want a signed hardbound version, a paperback, ebook, or audio book.

  • Sep 2016: Have Your Strengths Become Weaknesses?
  • In this issue of Brenda Bence’s newsletter, Brenda highlights how strengths have become weaknesses. She discusses a study that looked at 6,000 leaders and how their strengths and weaknesses are perceived by their peers, direct reports, and bosses. She then highlights some behaviors that may be strengths, but could turn into weaknesses, such as being “too” passionate, or being “too” democratic, and offers some solutions to help navigate those scenarios. Also in this newsletter, two lucky participants who answer Brenda’s question, “Who do YOU believe is the best and most well-known self-leader still living today?”, will have a chance to receive a copy of her upcoming book Leading YOU™.

  • May 2016: What Do All Great Leaders Need?
  • This newsletter celebrates International Coaching Week 2016 with an article by Brenda which shares the multiple benefits of coaching from a leader’s perspective. Entitled, “What All Great Leaders Need,” it starts by sharing the names of famous leaders, all who credit a large part of their success to having had a coach. Can you guess which famous leaders Brenda is talking about? Check it out! Brenda also shares helpful tips for how to find a great coach and ultimately decide on the right coach for you. In this newsletter, you’ll hear some exciting news: Brenda’s new book on self-leadership, Leading YOU™, will be released later this year! Take a peek at what to expect by reading the excerpt, entitled Keeping Your Eye on the Target: What’s Your End Game? If that sounds interesting to you, then you will want to enter this month’s lucky draw contest uniquely for newsletter readers, earning a chance to win a free copy of Leading YOU™ once it is released.

  • Mar 2016: Can you guess the most popular leadership development topic today?
  • In this second newsletter of 2016, Brenda shares the #1 leadership-development request she receives in her executive coaching practice: how to strengthen Executive Presence. Along with explaining what “Presence” really means, this newsletter also includes an Executive Presence “quiz” -- a self-assessment that you can take to help you review for yourself the various facets of your Executive Presence. Based on your assessment outcomes, Brenda then shares tips and techniques for how to improve your lower-scoring Executive Presence areas. Lastly, Brenda provides a link to access dozens of articles she has written about how to build an Executive Leadership Brand.

  • Feb 2016: Discover Top Techniques for Time Management
  • In this first newsletter of 2016, Brenda helps to de-mystify a phenomena that many of us remain curious about: Why do we keep failing at New Year’s resolutions? Brenda reveals startling statistics about the rate of failed resolutions, and then, based on her Executive Coaching experience, shares a different yet powerful way of thinking that you can use immediately to make sure you do succeed at what you want to achieve this year. Brenda also shares a number of useful tips, tools, and techniques that you can use to take charge of your time and gain back better control of your life.

  • May 2015: The #1 Cause of Regretted Employee Turnover, and What You can Do About It
  • This newsletter celebrates International Coaching Week (May 18-24, 2015)! In honor of what is still a fairly new profession – and as a seasoned executive coach herself - Brenda offers leadership insights based on her experience coaching hundreds of executives from around the globe. Brenda also shares the #1 reason for regretted employee turnover as well as tips for what you can do about it. Lastly, Brenda shares an excerpt from her book on leading others (Would You Want to Work for YOU™?) which sheds light on the thought-provoking question: Does being the boss mean you get to tell people what to do?

  • Apr 2015: The Top 10 Branding Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
  • April 1, 2015 marks the 13th Anniversary of the company Brenda founded (Brand Development Associates [BDA] International Ltd.)! To celebrate that milestone, Brenda shares a list of the Top 10 most common branding mistakes that entrepreneurs make – mistakes that can prevent a new enterprise from achieving success. Have YOU committed any of these entrepreneurial branding errors?

  • Dec 2013: Nelson Mandela’s Legacy – Lessons in Leadership Personal Branding
  • In this last newsletter of 2013, Brenda pays homage to the late, great Nelson Mandela by sharing a few of his key principles for leadership success. She also announces her latest book release entitled Would You Want to Work for You™? How to build an executive leadership brand that inspires loyalty and drives employee performance, and then challenges you think: What IS the experience of working with and for you? As year-end “bonus time” rolls around, Brenda asks you to reflect on an important question – “Is money really the ultimate motivator?” - and shares an exercise to help you uncover your own motivators. Lastly, Brenda invites readers to participate in the ‘Brand 2013 Challenge’ - the best entries will win an copy of her latest book!

  • Aug 2013: Authentic Leadership: Are You For Real?
  • In this newsletter, Brenda explores the topic of “authentic leadership” and helps to answer the question: Can you use “being authentic” as an excuse to be a jerk? She also explores your family’s brand (and yes, you have one!) and gives you a fun family-branding challenge to share with your parents, siblings, and extended relatives. Lastly, Brenda answers the question: “Can you be branded before you even have a name?” A very – and timely - example reveals hints to the answer.

  • Nov 2012: Branding "Gangnam" Style
  • How do you build a powerful brand in 2013 that gets the kind of attention you want? In this last newsletter of 2012, Brenda shares some surprising marketing tips that can be gleaned from the #1 YouTube video sensation "Gangnam Style," and she reveals a key step taken by the very best leaders and entrepreneurs that not only builds team morale but strengthens their leadership personal brands in the process. Brenda also shares how her new favorite (and amazing!) brand is using the lowest-cost form of marketing to expand quickly and internationally. And while we're at it, Brenda invites readers to also have some fun exploring 007's favorite brands, too. (Yes, that's Bond. James Bond.)

  • Apr 2012: An Ode to Entrepreneurs Everywhere
  • Yes, indeed, the 1st of April, 2012 - April Fool's Day - marked the ten-year anniversary of the birth of Brand Development Associates (BDA) International. We are incredibly grateful and thank everyone for their support.

    In this edition, Brenda shares an Ode to Entrepreneurs Everywhere. She also asks you think about the "Bug" In Your Branding Chain. And finally, Brenda shares Lessons from "Linsanity" -- The Art of Leadership Personal Branding.

  • March 2012: How's Your "Brand Triangle" Doing?
  • In this edition, Brenda talks about your very own corporate and personal "Brand Triangle" (yes, you have one!) and how to use it to make sure you've got the brand you want to have. Maybe you're in the market for a job? If so, you'll learn some startling statistics about Facebook and just how powerfully it can impact your brand vis-a-vis potential employers. For the college grad in your life, I'll help debunk the myth that students coming out of university today are at a disadvantage when it comes to looking for employment.

  • Jan 2012: The "Power of Three" Personal and Corporate Brand Challenge
  • The year 2012 is here! But before you say adios to 2011, Brenda encourages you to take the “Power of 3 Brand Challenge” by asking yourself some key questions and reflecting on your corporate and personal branding efforts over the last year. You’ll also learn which brands made the short list on 2011’s Top Global Brands, ponder what “leadership” really means to you, and find out how to make 2012 “your” year for a new job, if you’re in the market. Last but not least, Brenda shares two exciting announcements!

  • Apr 2011:Leadership Personal Branding: Are YOU™ More Liked or More Respected?
  • In this edition, Brenda talks about that ever-so-delicate balance every leader faces between being liked and being respected. Explore how to make sure your corporate or personal brand has true "sticking power" in today's frenetic and fast-paced communications world. Brenda shares powerful personal branding interview tips you can pass on to the college grad in your life. And, if the improved economy has you considering a job change, you'll find some tools for how to build a strong job seeker personal brand.

  • Jan 2011: The Top Five Leadership Personal Brand Busters® to Beat in 2011
  • Happy 2011! If you’re like most people in the world, you start the New Year by making some resolutions. In this newsletter, Brenda shares the five biggest Leadership Personal Brand Busters® that can actually prevent you from achieving what you want. Review the results of last month’s survey on the “2010 Biggest Corporate and Personal Brand Winners & Losers.” Sound off on the question, “Does Starbucks’ latest corporate identification change reflect a ‘logo no-no?’”

  • Dec 2010: Looking Back So YOU™ Can Move Forward
  • Brenda shares five key questions that can change the way your brand is perceived as you approach the New Year... Cast your vote in the "2010 Biggest Corporate & Personal Brand Winners & Losers" poll… Discover why companies are turning more and more to Executive Coaching as a critical tool to build leadership - and to build the leadership personal brands of their executives.

  • Oct 2010: What's Your Brand Icon?
  • In this e-newsletter, Brenda challenges readers to take the “Brand Icon Challenge” and, in return, get a chance to win one of ten 2011 page-a-day calendars. Learn eight techniques for using personal branding as “employment insurance” and avoid losing your job in a still-unstable economy. Are you a business owner? If so, Brenda shares helpful tips for how to harness the power of personal branding to improve your company’s bottom line. Give the gift of a personal brand to a college grad with Brenda’s latest book in her How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo book series.

  • Jul 2010: Nelson Mandela's Leadership Principles
  • Brenda salutes the end of the World Cup in South Africa by reviewing key Leadership Personal Branding lessons from Nelson Mandela. Clear up any confusion around key marketing terms, including how a “brand” is different from “branding.” Read the top 10 most common branding mistakes entrepreneurs make, and learn how to more powerfully align a company brand with employees’ individual personal brands.

  • May 2010: Build Your Brand With Customer Complaints
  • Cast your vote on the damage done to “Brand Thailand,” and learn how to leverage customer complaints to grow a powerhouse brand. Explore the top five behaviors that can damage your leadership personal brand and also the top 10 personal branding mistakes made most frequently by job seekers.

  • March 2010: How to Tackle Social Media: Get Back to the Basics
  • In this inaugural issue of the newly-titled "Brenda Bence's Corporate & Personal Brand Success Tips", we tackle the important subject of how to leverage social media and answer a tough question: “Would you want to work for you?” - Brenda offers great tips for how to see your personal brand as a leader through the eyes of those you lead.

  • Dec 2009: Top 10 Reasons Why Leaders Should Celebrate Wins
  • This edition – the last of the How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo newsletters – is chock full of brand-related topics you can expect to read in future editions. Click to … find out the top 10 reasons why leaders should celebrate wins … read up on how to manage personal brand damage control … listen to an interview about how your online personal brand can bring you greater job search success… and sit in on an hour-long teleseminar about how to build a better company brand without spending a lot of money. In this edition, there is something for everyone!

  • April 2009 – Personal Branding e-NewsletterApr 2009: My Sincere Offer - and Thank You - to YOU™
  • Join in the excitement as Brenda launches her second book on personal branding – for Job Seekers – and offers a free copy to subscribers. Brenda also includes advice on how to make the “corporate brand / personal brand connection” and shares some powerhouse personal branding tips for soon-to-be graduates.

  • End of Year 2008: To Tattoo or not to Tattoo? The surprising results of our "Tat" Survey
  • Learn the results of our Tattoo Survey and find out what subscribers think tattoos do for YOUR personal brand. Read about your personal brand and the economy, and what personal branding had to do with the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election in November 2008.

  • Aug/Sep 2008: To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo? Take our "Tat" Personal Brand Survey
  • Just how "unique" IS your personal brand? Brenda shares a personal story that brings our uniqueness to light. Read funny stories from subscribers who shared how they communicated their personal brands - or not! - as they traveled across the globe.

  • Mid-Year 2008: Coming Soon: Personal Branding for Job Seekers
  • With more international travel taking place than ever before, the chance of making a cross-cultural Personal Brand Buster™ is greater and greater. How can you make sure you don't damage relationships as you travel around the world with your personal brand in tow?

  • May 2008: Some feedback from last month's e-newsletter…
  • Think personal branding is all about you? Think again! In this issue, we make clear why personal branding doesn't begin with you at all. So, if your personal brand isn't about you, then who it is really about? Click here to find out.

  • Apr 2008: Congratulations to our Winning Subscribers!
  • Our third issue focuses on another common misperception about Personal Branding - that it's "fake" to brand yourself. Find out why that's not true.

  • March 2008: "Personal Branding is all about how you look and dress."
  • This month's focus: the personal branding myth that "Personal Branding is all about how you look and dress" - a common misperception!

  • Feb 2008: So, how are you like shampoo?
  • In our inaugural issue, we debunk the myth that "Personal Branding is all about self-promotion." Author Brenda Bence also shares her hopes for the e-newsletter and answers that important question: "So, How ARE you like shampoo?"


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