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Leadership Personal Branding: Are YOU(tm) More Liked or More Respected?

Do YOU(tm) and Your Brand Have Sticking Power?

Give a Gift of a Brand - and a Great Job - to a Soon-to-Be College Grad!

Considering a Job Change? Some Job Seeker Personal Brand Tips

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Brenda travels around the world

Where in The World is Brenda Now??

Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach Brenda Bence travels extensively to present her unique approach to corporate and personal branding at conferences, conventions, & corporations all across the globe...

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If you'd like Brenda to speak or train at an upcoming event, conference, or meeting, please

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Here's where Brenda has engagements scheduled in the next few months:



Apr 16: Singapore

Apr 19-21: Hong Kong 

Apr 25-May 1: Shanghai, China

May 2-3:  Singapore
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May 18-19: Brunei 

May 23-25: Singapore

Jun 13-16: Shanghai, China 

Jun 27-29: Lincoln, NE, U.S.

Jun 30 - Jul 7: Chicago, U.S.

Aug 16-18: Singapore

Sept 9-14: Lincoln, NE, U.S.

Sept 23-28: Las Vegas, NV, U.S.

Oct 22-29:  Phuket, Thailand 

Brenda is now booking additional engagements for 2011.


Write to Brenda if you would like her to speak to, train, or coach your team.

Get a Deal If I'm Working Near You!

Get a Deal If I'm Working Near You!

Save money by sharing expenses with my other clients. If you see I'm going to be at a location near you in the future, feel free to contact me so that we can explore what I could do to help build your team's leadership personal brands and help make a stronger Corporate Brand/Personal Brand Connection™. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Brenda Bence - Achieving Greater Success for YOU and Your Company Through the Power of Branding
  April 2011


Happy second quarter of the year to you! 


In this edition, we will talk about that ever-so-delicate balance every leader faces between being liked and being respected... We'll explore how to make sure your corporate or personal brand has true "sticking power" in today's frenetic and fast-paced communications world... I'll share some powerful personal branding interview tips you can pass on to the college grad in your life... And, if the improved economy has you considering a job change, you'll find some tools for how to build a strong job seeker personal brand.  


Interspersed throughout, you'll also discover a few other news items and tidbits, so browse around, happy reading, and I look forward to hearing from YOU™! 



Brenda Bence signature
Brenda Bence

Leadership Personal Branding:  Are YOU™ More Liked or More Respected?


Let's face it:  As a leader, you want to be liked, but you also want to be respected. And it really is important to have both if you're going to be effective on the job. But accomplishing both can be difficult, and maintaining a balance between the two can be even more challenging.


Worrying about being "liked" vs. respected

If you spend too much time trying to be liked, chances are you aren't leading effectively - you're not making the truly tough decisions (that may not always be popular) and assuring that everyone is doing their job well. Maybe you avoid confrontation and cower at the thought of having to deal directly with workplace issues and problem team members. Or, perhaps in your efforts to be liked, you stick with the status quo, not wanting to "rock the boat. "Outcome? Your team members don't grow, and you end up with mediocre business results.  


On the other hand, if you spend too much time trying to be respected without caring enough about being liked, you may struggle to get your team to support you. Leaders who don't care at all about being liked may cause their employees to feel like victims. Issues aren't raised up to you until they have turned into crises because people are afraid of your reaction. Or maybe team members don't come to you with any new ideas, anticipating that you'll just put them down anyway. Outcome: Horrible morale and escalating employee turnover.


As tough as it may be, leaders with great Leadership Personal Brands work hard at maintaining a balance between the two poles. It requires weighing every situation carefully and thinking about how your actions and reactions will likely be perceived.


Click here for an exercise to help you find a better balance between being liked and being respected as a leader.

Exciting News!  Voted #7 Brand Guru of the World

World Top 30 Brand Gurus



Recently, I was honored to find out I have been voted #7 "Brand Guru of the World".  Many thanks to those of you who voted!

Do YOU™ and Your Brand Have Sticking Power?

If I started a conversation with you about the Super Bowl, I suspect you'd reply, "Huh? That was two months ago, Brenda - ancient news by now." Indeed, one of the biggest sporting events in North America has been long forgotten and has been justifiably replaced by much bigger and more noteworthy news like what has happened in Egypt, Libya, and of course, in Japan. 

Super Bowl

So, why bring up the Super Bowl two months later? With an average of 110 million people watching every year, the American football sporting event has become the single most expensive piece of "advertising real estate" in the world - each 30-second ad costs just over $3 million to air. That's $100,000 per second, folks!


With that kind of price tag, agencies and brand leaders who decide to advertise during this important event spend months and months - and millions more in preparation - all to produce ads that justify that kind of price tag. And, from watching hundreds of Super Bowl ads over the years, it seems like almost all of them strive to include some kind of humor factor - to stick out of the pack and get people talking about them.


And the ads do become "talk of the town" for days before, during, and after the event. In fact, this year, I checked out - literally - dozens of web pages, blog posts and articles all written about the ads that aired.


For those of you who watched the game, I ask you - two months later - which ads do you remember, and, more importantly, which brands did those ads represent?


Stumped? If you're struggling to remember, sadly, you're not alone. That's because too many and other forms of marketing communication don't have true "sticking power."


Click here to find out how to get your brand's communications to have greater sticking power.

Give the Gift of a Brand - and a Great Job - to a Soon-to-Be College Grad!

     HYALS CG front cover  

Is there a college grad in your life? If so, the greatest gift you can give him or her for graduation is the best chance at landing a job they'll love, right out of school. 


Recent headlines say it all: "College Grads Struggle to Find Jobs," "College Grads Urged to Be Aggressive In Seeking Jobs," "College Grads Worry About Finding Jobs," and on and on. But college grads shouldn't let a lack of work experience get in the way of landing a position they'll love, no matter what the economy.

college grad

That's why I wrote How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for College GraduatesIt's the only Personal Branding System designed specifically to help college students build a powerful brand for themselves.


Just launched last year, it's filled with hundreds of eye-opening tips I gleaned from interviewing more than 50 top companies and schools about what it takes for college grads to stand out in a crowd of older, more experienced candidates.HR experts from companies such as Google, Disney, IBM, AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Motorola, Hilton, Nestle, and Goldman Sachs "spilled the beans" with me, and I share it all in this book.


Click here to find out more.


Speaking of personal branding for College Grads... I found out five of the  most important things that 50 top company recruiters say college grads should do before an interview to make sure the interview goes well.  Can you guess what they are?


Click here to find out: 


Why not forward this on to the college grad in your life, and give them the gift of a great interview?


Our Move Isn't All That's New!


In the last newsletter, we announced we were moving our Asian headquarters and home to Singapore after 11 great years in Thailand. I'm happy to say the move is complete, and it was incredibly smooth.


We've already made many wonderful connections in Singapore, but if you know of someone you think we should meet or who could benefit from what we do, please drop me a line! Once again, here's our new office address:


... So, what else is new!?


Our new website home page! Yes, indeed, we've given our home page a fresh new look. Please check it out at, and let us know what you think.


See You at the Singapore International Book Fair!


Book signing: For those of you who will be attending the Singapore International Book Fair, I'll be signing books at our Asian book distributors' booth on Saturday, May 28. Just visit the "MarketAsia Distributors" booth between 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. that day. See you there!


Considering a Job Change?


Has the improvement in the economy got you consdering a job change?  The recession has been declared as "over" now for a while.  Sales are picking up, corporations are opening back up their budgets - and companies are back into recruiting mode again. Does the improved economy have you itching for a change in jobs?  Now could be a good time to make the jump.


BUT.  Feeling "rusty?"  Maybe it's been a while since you've been in the interview chair.  Or maybe you have insecurities about how to go about your job search.


Not to worry.  Click here to find out how building a powerful Job Seeker personal brand can lead to getting more interviews and a great new job.


All the best, and happy branding!

Brenda Bence

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