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Brenda Bence - Achieving Greater Success for YOU and Your Company Through the Power of Branding
December 19, 2016


"The phone books are here! The phone books are here!" squealed Steve Martin. Do you remember that hilarious line from the movie The Jerk? Well, I felt a bit like that earlier this month as my new book was released a full 30 days early - a rarity in the world of book publishing! But, what a joy it is to share with you the news of the "birth" of my ninth book, Leading YOU™.
What is Leading YOU about? Well, just like it sounds, Leading YOU™ focuses on an often-overlooked aspect of leadership:  the art and science of self-leadership.
Through my years of Executive Coaching at the senior level, I've seen time and time again that self-leadership is the single most important overall driver of success.  Why is it so important?  Because without it, your career may stall. How well you lead yourself directly impacts your ability to lead others, and that, in turn, can prevent you from reaching your full potential - at work and in life.
In this newsletter, I share a few examples of the self-leadership topics that are covered in this book. Check them out... How many of these errors have you committed, too?
Also, as we approach the year-end holidays, many of us have high expectations - hopes of peaceful, joyous, and loving times with family and friends. But, in the stress of last-minute preparations, being reunited with distant family members or acquaintances we haven't seen in years, bringing up past wounds for some, this time of the year can actually be anything but peaceful. 
Does that sound familiar to you?  If so, I'm sharing below a simple yet powerful way to stay centered and focused during this time and lead yourself to a happy, healthy, and harmonious year-end holiday filled with calm inner confidence. This is how you build a strong brand for yourself - all stemming from good self-leadership.
As we approach the end of 2016, I wish you and yours the very best.  Happy holidays, and here's to YOU™! 
Brenda Bence signature
Brenda Bence

P.S. Although only recently released, book reviews of Leading YOU are starting to come in now ... Sprinkled throughout the newsletter are what a few readers have said so far about Leading YOU™ - I am grateful!

"One of the best books on leadership I have read since 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  by Stephen Covey. It is an incredible tool for leaders and anyone who aspires to a position of influence and leadership.   The writing is concise and clear and Brenda Bence's voice comes across with energy and authority. This is a book with a unique and important take on an aspect of leadership that is so often ignored."   

  -- 5-star review by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Congratulations to the winners of our most recent newsletter contest!  Three readers - one each in Italy, China, and Malaysia - won a personalized, signed hardbound copy of Leading YOU™.
How's that for spreading self-leadership around the world?!

How to Demonstrate Good Self-Leadership During the Year-End Holiday Season? Create Your Own "Holiday-Season Mantra!"
To celebrate year-end holidays, millions of people around the globe will soon be traveling to reconnect with loved ones. 

Whether the trip is just across town or half-way around the world,  reunions with frien ds and family can make this time of year a time of joy, laughter, and peace -- or just the opposite.   Crowded airports, increased traffic, the stress of meeting expectations, and the lack of sleep can lead us to react in ways we regret later, and/or to do or say things we wish we hadn't.
How can you get through this year-end holiday season in a way that you will look back on and be proud of? Here's a fun, powerful, yet simple way to do just that:
  • Fast forward in your mind to the end of your holiday season, days or weeks from now (depending upon how long you'll be gone)... think of the time when you are getting ready to say goodbye to the friends, family, and loved ones you have visited. Perhaps in your mind you are in your car, backing out of the driveway of your host's home, or maybe you are waving goodbye as you walk toward the airport gate to catch your return flight.
  • As you pull out of the driveway or as your hosts catch the last glimpse of you heading into the jetway, those loved ones turn to each other and say, "Wow, this year, he was really _______, ________, and ________!" or "She was so _______ this season!" What five positive adjectives or descriptive words would you want them to use to describe YOU at the end of this holiday time?
  • Take a moment to really reflect on the five descriptive words you would like to "own" by the end of this festive season. For example, you might choose words like happy, calm, quietly confident, peaceful, fun, enjoyable, pleasant, helpful, supportive, loving..."  Pick whatever five words resonate with you the most.
  • Throughout your entire holiday season, keep these five words in the forefront of your mind, day in and day out, from morning to night. Make them your "holiday season mantra." Write them down and keep them in your pocket, purse, or anywhere you might see them regularly.  Write them on the inside of your hand or on your arm, under the sleeve of your shirt. Heck - you can even sing them to a favorite holiday tune, if you want! Whatever you do to remind yourself, the goal is to keep them top of mind at all tim   es.
  • Once those words are chosen and you are keepinthem at the forefront of your conscious, now begin to "embody" those five words.  How do you do that? By reflecting those fives words through the core activities you do each and every day that most communicate your brand:  the way you Act, React, Look, Sound, and Think. (Remember:  a brand is not communicated by what you say you want to be, but by what you do.)
  • As you take an action, ask yourself, "Am I acting like someone who is 'calm' would act?" "Is this reaction consistent with my goal of 'peaceful'?" "Does how I look communicate 'confidence'?" "Is what I am about to say in line with someone who would be described as 'helpful and supportive'?" "Am I thinking like someone who embodies the word 'loving'?"
  • Watch yourself like a hawk! Your goal is to be 100% consistent with those five words in all that you do, say, and think.  That's how you create the brand for yourself you want during the holidays... and beyond.
  • What happens if you reach a boiling point, have a melt-down, or blow up at someone?  Don't beat yourself up!  Judging yourself will just cause more angst and frustration. Simply apologize to yourself and others with authenticity, review your words one more time, and choose again. Building a brand for yourself is a journey - your goal is to be as consistent as possible, so just keep at it!
Remember: What you think is what you get.  Keep your desired five words top of mind, and have fun with this holiday experiment!
By the way, I would love to hear your five-word choices and to learn about the outcomes of your "holiday mantra challenge." Please send me an email at and let me know how it goes!

"Leading YOU is unique. Filled with actual examples of self-leadership successes and failures, it's both a mirror and a map. Highly recommended!"
-- Leona Tan, Managing Director Community Affairs and Diversity & Inclusion, UBS AG, Asia Pacific

"After reading Leading YOU, I realize that self-leadership is one of the most neglected areas of executive development. It is truly the key to becoming a better leader, as well as improving your overall quality of life--both at work and at home. The topics discussed here are not just theory but things that Brenda Bence puts into practice with top leaders in the industry."
-- Ajit Varghese, CEO Asia Pacific, Maxus

How Well Are You Leading YOU?  Which of these self-leadership mistakes have you made?
Author Anais Nin is quoted as saying, "My ideas usually come not at my desk writing, but in the midst of living."
Of all the books I've written, both Leading YOU and its companion book, Would YOU Want to Work for YOU? are the two for which this quote holds most true.
More than a decade of work and thousands of hours of coaching have brought Leading YOU™  into existence. Packed with real-life Executive Coaching case studies from around the globe , Leading YOU reveals the 15 most damaging self -leadership behaviors I regularly see in my coaching practice, and it offers dozens of tips and techniques you can immediate apply to correct or improve these behaviors.

Here are just a few of the self-leadership mistakes and solutions revealed in this book:
Top Self-Leadership Mistakes:
Selected Chapter Titles

In Leading YOU™,
Learn How to...

Believing You're a Victim at Work
Quit acting like a victim of your calendar, your time, and "the system"
Not Managing Your Mind
Take control of powerful mind management techniques to stop limiting behaviors
Underestimating the Significance of Self-Promotion and Visibility
Promote yourself without bragging, to help you gain the visibility you need and get the job you want
Not Knowing How to Influence Without Authority
Successfully influence others even if you don't have an official title or authority
Struggling with Tough Decisions
Make even the most difficult decisions with ease
Saying "Yes" When You Want to Say "No"
Say "no" with calm self-assurance
Failing to Address Conflict When It Arises
Manage conflict in a way that strengthens relationships
Getting Stuck in Back-and-White Thinking
Avoid black-and-white thinking and get comfortable living in the grey

And several more key self-leadership topics!

Click here to find out more!

"I recommend Leading YOU to anyone who is a leader--or aspires to be. As I look at myself and others in my profession, I can see that author Brenda Bence is right: Self-leadership is the missing piece for most of us. Brenda has been invaluable to me at critical points in my career, helping me bridge my current role with my aspirations. A decade later, I continue to view my work with Brenda as a true breakthrough moment." -- Andrew Padovano, Managing Director, New York, Citi

Where to Find Leading YOU™?

Could you benefit from sharpening your self-management skills?  Pick up a copy of Leading YOU™ and start the new year off right by strengthening your self-leadership.
If you know someone who could benefit from learning to lead themselves more effectively, why not give them the gift of self-leadership?
If you or someone you love would like to tap into better self-leadership in 2017, there are dozens of tips, tools, and techniques shared in Leading YOU that can help. Here's how to access the book:
For a signed, Hardbound version of Leading YOU™, write  to place your book order. Note: Shipping costs apply.

The Paperback version of Leading YOU™ is available via ...

...or through Brenda's website .







Coming soon!

  • The eBook version of Leading YOU™ will be released any day now via Amazon and Kindle
  • The Audio book should be posted any day now, too ... check out and iTunes
"Almost every leader focuses on leading others. Brenda shows that self-leadership is just as important--maybe even more important--because it's the foundation of all leadership. This book is to the point, with a valuable and effective checklist to 'grow better,' thus motivating yourself and all others who surround you."
-- Dale A. Martin, CEO, Siemens Hungary

Here's to YOU™!
Brenda Bence signature
Brenda Bence