How YOU are like Shampoo.
February 2008
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So, how are you like shampoo?

"Do I really need a personal brand?"

Myth #1: Personal Branding is all about self-promotion.

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Officially Released!
How YOU(tm) Are Like Shampoo was officially released across the globe last month!

Author Brenda Bence 

Available in paperback, e-Book, MP3 download, and 5-CD set, it makes a perfect gift for friends, family, or colleagues.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the How YOU™ are like Shampoo personal branding e-Newsletter!


So, how are you like shampoo?

Author Brenda BenceThis is one of the questions this newsletter will answer for you. I'll show you how the same strategies that have made your favorite corporate brands phenomenally successful can be applied to YOU™ to help you craft, communicate, and ultimately master your own personal brand. I'll give you the latest news about personal branding and offer you tips on how you can experience greater success at work through taking charge of your distinctive, ownable personal brand.

My goal behind the How YOU™ are like Shampoo newsletter is simple: to help you become more fulfilled in your career and your work life. I'll combine my experience in both corporate branding and executive coaching to show you how personal branding can help you regain that 'skip' in your step when you're on the job.

When was the last time you woke up in the morning and had that "I can't wait to get to work!" feeling? If it was too long ago to remember, it's time to take action and restore a sense of excitement when the alarm goes off in the morning. Personal branding can help you do just that.
For the first few issues of the How YOU™ are like Shampoo newsletter, I will focus on dispelling some key myths that exist around the topic of personal branding. We'll clarify what personal branding really is - and what it is not.

Each How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo newsletter will be short and to the point. I know you're busy and that you want information fast in order to get back to your work and your life. I want to bring you valuable ideas and advice you can use right now on the job and in your career.

Please don't forget that I want this to be a two-way communication, so please write to me with questions, thoughts, insights, and comments:  Let me know how your personal brand is doing! Have you experienced success through applying the Personal Branding System outlined in How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo? Are you stuck or unsure about how to define or communicate your personal brand? Have you uncovered some Personal Brand Busters™ along the way that you'd like to share? If you'd like some personalized help, feel free to visit our Coaching page

"Do I really need a personal brand?"

Not only do you need a personal brand, but you already have a personal brand. The way others perceive, think, and feel about you is your personal brand - whether you like it or not. Does this knowledge excite you, or make you a bit nervous?

If you're not completely in charge of your personal brand, it may be running amuck, creating an image that isn't what you want it to be. That's why the answer is to this question above is: "Yes, absolutely, you need a personal brand!"

Your personal brand must be one that YOU define and that YOU control. When your boss, colleagues, or best customer needs the best person for the job, YOU™ will be the first person who comes to mind. That's what personal branding can do for you, and it translates into you earning more, doing more, and being more at work.

So, grab the reins of your personal brand before it runs off without you, and get started building YOU™.

Myth #1:  "Personal Branding is all about self-promotion."

This couldn't be further from the truth! True personal branding is not superficial. It's more about understanding who you - and, therefore, YOU™ - are. That's right - the trademarked you. This is how YOU™ are like shampoo. But just like in corporate branding, no matter how much money a company spends on marketing its brands, product brands aren't all about promotion either.

Neither corporate branding nor personal branding is about creating a façade. Any company that produces a product that doesn't deliver on its promises has developed a very short-lived product in the marketplace.

Just as corporate branding is about zeroing in on the product's benefits for its customers, personal branding is about zeroing in on your greatest talents, strengths, and character traits. When someone needs the perfect person for the job, they'll know immediately that you're the person to call upon. Why? Because you have learned how to successfully define and communicate your personal brand. Just like we all know Volvo is about safety, and Starbucks is about a rewarding coffee experience, so everyone will know exactly who YOU™ are and what YOU™ have to offer.

Self-promotion is part of the process of personal branding, but only a part. Indeed, promoting your personal brand may not be what you think! Communicating your personal brand to the people who most affect your career is essential, but it can also be subtle. You don't have to boast about what you can offer or send self-congratulatory emails.

In fact, no one has to know you're creating your personal brand at all. They'll simply become more aware of the contribution you can make in the workplace. Your value will increase without anyone necessarily becoming aware that you have consciously and deliberately worked toward making that happen.

How? By simply paying attention to the five activities you do every day that help you communicate your personal brand. You won't be marketing yourself in an obvious or intrusive way. You'll simply become more as you make sure your Actions, Reactions, Look, Sound, and Thoughts communicate your personal brand in an unobtrusive way. Your boss, colleagues and customers will begin to notice YOU™ more and more, and will begin to count on you to deliver in the areas that you have defined for your personal brand.

What does this mean for you - and YOU™? It means that you can apply the How YOU(tm) are like Shampoo system to create a personal brand that is absolutely right for who you truly are, without feeling like you're promoting yourself 24/7. You can stand out at work without the discomfort of bragging or constantly blowing your own horn. True personal branding allows you to increase your profile and become known in a natural way for what you do best.

Now, that doesn't feel like self-promotion, does it?

Happy branding, and here's to YOU™!

           Brenda Bence
Author Brenda Bence

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