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The "Power of Three" Personal and Corporate Brand Challenge

The Top 10 Global Brands of 2011

Attention Job Seekers: Let 2012 be YOUR year!

What Does "Leadership" Mean to You?

Exciting News from BDA

Brenda is a "what?"

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Brenda travels around the world

Where in The World is Brenda Now??

Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach Brenda Bence travels extensively to present her unique approach to corporate and personal branding at conferences, conventions, & corporations all across the globe...

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January 10-13: Singapore

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January 20-21: New York City

January 27: Singapore 

February 6-9: Brunei (tent.)

February 13-17: Bangkok

February 26-29: Istanbul

March 2: Singapore

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March 22-23: Singapore

April 13-15: Lincoln, NE

May 8: Singapore 

Brenda is now booking additional engagements for 2012.


Write to Brenda if you would like her to speak to, train, or coach your team.

Get a Deal If I'm Working Near You!

Get a Deal If I'm Working Near You!

Save money by sharing expenses with my other clients. If you see I'm going to be at a location near you in the future, feel free to contact me so that we can explore what I could do to help build your team's leadership personal brands and help make a stronger Corporate Brand/Personal Brand Connection™. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Brenda Bence - Achieving Greater Success for YOU and Your Company Through the Power of Branding
  January 2012



Greetings and Happy New Year!


I probably should say, "Long time no see" given that this is our first newsletter since April. Apologies for that! Thanks to so many of you who have written to ask when the next newsletter would be coming out. I would have loved to connect sooner but there were many good reasons for the absence...


First of all, we here at BDA have been very busy with a large number of new and exciting projects, some of which I share below, and some which I'll share with you in our next newsletter.


Second, I have been busy traveling all around the world this year to speak, train, and coach in places like Athens, Beijing, Brunei, Chicago, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos Nigeria, Las Vegas, Netherlands, Phuket, San Jose, and Shanghai - just to name a few! So, it's been a jam-packed 365 days in that regard for sure.


Of course, another reason for my absence is that I promise to send out a newsletter only when I have something truly valuable to share. I am adamant about avoiding "email clutter" which I know so many of us suffer from.


By the way, our absence doesn't mean we haven't had you in mind! In fact, in 2012, we've got great plans to continue sharing the latest tips and techniques for both personal branding and corporate branding.


Looking backward to move ahead...


As we begin a new year, I encourage you to sit back and think about your brand building efforts in 2011 - whether for your own individual brand, your company brand, or for both - and ask yourself the questions in the "Power of Three Challenge," below. I look forward to hearing what you think!


Happy 2012! Here's to powerful brand building and to staying in touch in the New Year.


Brenda Bence signature
Brenda Bence

The "Power of Three" Personal and Corporate Brand Challenge      


Power of Three



 I recently ran across a fascinating article about "The Power of Three." The basic premise of the article is that three is an important - almost 'mystical' - number for a whole host of reasons.  




Here are just a few:


  • Three shows up in mythology: three fates, three muses, three graces.
  • Three is a prevalent component of fairy tales: three wishes, three little pigs, three bears.
  • Three is enough to create a series - a pattern of cause and effect.
  • There are three stages of truth: first a concept is rejected, second it is violently opposed, third it is accepted as self-evident.
  • Three is a basic structure of life: carbohydrates, protein, fat; electron, proton, neutron.
  • There are three dimensions of time: past, present, future.
  • And three forms the basic structure of stories: beginning, middle, end.


Interesting, isn't it?


So, as we enter a new year, I figured we could benefit from this same 'Power of Three' concept to look back and reflect on your own corporate and personal brand building efforts in 2011. Below are a few "three-related" questions to consider... Click on the link, scroll down, and respond to any one of these questions, below, and you'll automatically be entered into our raffle to win one of three copies of my new book, Smarter Branding Without Breaking the Bank: 


  • What are the three key actions you took this year that strengthened your brand the most - either your own individual personal brand or the brand of your company?  Click here to respond  
  • Knowing what you know now, what three things would you have done differently in 2011 if you could do them over again?  Click here to respond    
  • Reflecting on your answers to the questions above, what three specific actions will you take in 2012 to grow your individual or company brand even further?  Click here to respond


Lastly, take time out to thank at least three people who have helped you build your brand this year. Who would that be for you, and what did they do that made such a difference? 


I look forward to hearing your comments!



The Top 10 Global Brands of 2011 - Can You Guess?

global brand

At the end of every year, a lot of "lists" pop up online and in magazines. You know what I mean.... The Top 10 This, The Top 10 That. I don't know about you, but I love those kinds of lists, and one of my favorites - as you can well imagine - is the Top 10 Global Value Brands of the year. Put simply, these are the 'biggest-buck brands" that exist across the world. Can you guess which global brands sit in the Top 10?  Click here to find out

Attention Job Seekers: Let 2012 be the Year for You and Your Career

The Top 7 Job-Search Personal Branding Mistakes

Not thrilled with the job you have now? Having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning because you have to face the same people and tasks at the office day in and day out?  Then, apparently, you're not alone. A recent survey showed a whopping 75% of people are currently not happy at work. Yet, most of us spend at least 50% or more of our waking hours on the job.  No wonder there's so much negativity floating around these days!


All across the world, sales are picking up, corporations are opening up their budgets again, and companies are back in recruiting mode. So, if you're not satisfied with your existing job, 2012 may be the perfect time to get focused on finding the job and career you want to deserve.

If you're like most people, though, jumping can feel pretty scary, especially if your interview skills are a bit ... well, "rusty." Maybe you feel insecure about how to start, or perhaps you've been in your current job for such a long time that you haven't sat in the "interview chair" for a while. Learning how to take control of your job-seeker personal brand before, during, and after interviews is a sure-fire way to help you land in the right position for you.  Click here to read my top 10 tips for how to nail a great interview.



What Does "Leadership" Mean to You?


Recently, a client called to see if I was available to speak at a company meeting that she was organizing in 2012.  The objective of the meeting, she told me, was to drive a stronger sense of engagement within the company as a whole. 


"Sure," I replied, "this sounds like the perfect situation for my program on Leadership Personal Branding.


"Oh, sorry!" the client responded immediately. "I probably didn't make it clear enough. This meeting is for the entire company, not just management."


I hear this quite often.  To a lot of folks, it seems that the word "Leader" means "Supervisor" or "Manager" and often relates only to those people in a company who have others reporting to them. And, in fact, most people who call us to inquire about the topic of Leadership Personal Branding are indeed focused on developing people at the mid-to-senior management level and above.


But, I see the word "leader" differently. I mean, think about it:  If you aren't successful at leading yourself, how can you possibly be successful at leading others?


To me, good leadership starts first and foremost with yourself. If you have the desire, discipline, and willpower, you can become an effective self-leader.  And, once you are engaged in developing and leading yourself, you create a strong 'leadership personal brand.'  That, in turn, places you in a prime spot to be tapped for increasingly greater levels of responsibility that may, or may not, end up with you leading others.


Agree?  Disagree?  I'd love to hear what you think! 
  Click here to sound off and share your thoughts

Exciting News from BDA

We're excited to share that 2011 brought with it quite a few more book awards for us here at BDA:  


          HYALS CG front cover   How YOU(tm) Are Like Shampoo for Job Seekers Front Cover   Book Cover Visual    SBBB book cover


Adding in these new awards means our four branding books have now won a total of 15 national and international book awards. We're pumped and extremely grateful for the recognition!



Brenda is a what?

Brenda gets CSP...-May 2011

In May, I was conferred the title of "Certified Speaking Professional" by the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). I'm honored to be counted among the 10% of speakers who receive this designation! [Not sure what a "CSP" is? Click here to find out more.]

Here's to a great brand building year for YOU™ and your company in 2012!


All the best!

Brenda Bence

Brenda Bence

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