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How to Tackle Social Media: Get Back to the Basics

Would You Want to Work for YOU? Four Tips to Help You See Your Leadership Personal Brand Through the Eyes of Others

Listen in as Brenda is interviewed about Personal Branding on six different episodes of the "Better Living with Adrienne" Show - NBC-TV

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Brenda Bence - Achieving Greater Success for YOU and Your Company Through the Power of Branding
March 2010


Branding Matters

Welcome to the first edition of my "re-branded" branding e-newsletter!  Even though this e-newsletter now carries my name, it is definitely more about you - and YOU®, The Trademarked YOU - than about me. Together, we'll explore how to use the power of branding to achieve more in your career, strengthen your position as a leader within your organization, find the best job, grow your business, and even improve your personal life. Yes, smart corporate and personal branding can do all of that - and more.

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How to Tackle Social Media: Get Back to the Basics


The excitement of so-called "new media" is keeping marketers and branders up at night. As they explore this new, uncharted territory, marketers all across the globe are asking themselves questions they never would have conceived of just ten years ago. "What's our Facebook strategy for driving consumer loyalty?" "Who should be managing our brand's Twitter account?" "How do we leverage YouTube to create the next big 'talk-of-the-globe' video?"


Social media has become Goliath to every marketer's David. In case you've been sleeping at the wheel, here are a few facts for perspective:

  • The number of people on Facebook is now larger than the population of the United States; indeed, if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world.
  • Twitter doubles its population every 90 days and reportedly has more than 55 million monthly visits.
  • 25% of all web searches end up at YouTube, making it the second largest search engine in the world.

Publishing magnate, Rupert Murdoch is quoted as saying that these changes represent the biggest shift in communications since the invention of the printing press 500 years ago. So, clearly, social media is not a fad. It's here to stay, and it is fundamentally changing not only the way we communicate with consumers, but the way consumers communicate with each other.

The Fundamentals Haven't Changed


But in the midst of all this flurry of excitement, it's important for marketers to sit back, take a deep breath, and remember: "How" we communicate with consumers may be changing dramatically, but "what" we communicate should not change. Read More

Would You Want to Work for YOU?
Four Tips to Help You See Your Leadership Personal Brand Through the Eyes of Others

Would You Want to Work for YOU?

The Starbucks brand of coffee can teach you a lot about your own brand as a leader. How? Well, consider this for a moment ... When coffee is in its natural coffee bean state, it's a commodity that sells for just 1-2˘ per cup. When you add packaging and a brand name to it and place it on a grocery store shelf, the price of that coffee goes up to 5-25˘ per cup. Throw in service and personality by offering that coffee at, say, Dunkin Donuts, and the price rises to around 75˘ to $1.50 per cup.

But then, there's Starbucks coffee, which sells for $2-$5 per cup. How does Starbucks do that? And what does Starbucks have that those other cups of coffee don't?

It isn't just a better tasting cup of coffee. What Starbucks offers is something so much more than taste - it offers a rewarding coffee experience. When we buy a cup of Starbucks coffee, we're paying for the experience of taking a break during the day ... the experience of enjoying a jolt of java with friends ... the experience of relaxing with a mocha latte after a night at the theatre. It's those experiences that differentiate Starbucks from so many other coffee brands.

The same is true of you and your own leadership personal brand. If you want to earn more money, advance in your career, and keep moving up the corporate ladder, think about the experience you offer as a leader in the workplace. If you could step into the shoes of those you are leading, what would it feel like to be part of a team with you at the helm? In short, would you want to work for YOU? Read More


Listen in as Brenda is interviewed about Personal Branding on six different episodes of the "Better Living with Adrienne" Show - NBC TV

Gain useful personal branding tips on the following topics:

What Is a Personal Brand, and Why Is It Important?

Your Reputation - Is It the One You Want?

Key Personal Brand Busters® to Avoid.

How to Use Personal Branding to Get a Great Job Faster.

Successful Personal Branding Outside the Workplace.

Entrepreneurs: Making the Company Brand / Personal Brand Connection

Ask me a question, and earn a chance to win a f*ree e-book!

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The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Purpose

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