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What's Your Brand Icon?

Need Employment Insurance? Master Your Personal Brand

Give a College Junior or Senior a Gift of a Job After Graduation!

What Others Are Saying About How YOU(TM) Are Like Shampoo for College Graduates

Attention Business Owners! The Power of Personal Branding: How to Improve Your Company's Bottom Line

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The National Best Book 2010 Awards
Exciting News!


How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for College Graduates

is the Winner in the Young Adult: Non-Fiction category for
The National Best Book Awards 2010

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Get a Deal If I'm Working Near You!

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Brenda Bence - Achieving Greater Success for YOU and Your Company Through the Power of Branding
  October 2010


What do brand icons, employment insurance, holiday gifts, lucky draws, and personal branding's impact on your company's bottom line all have in common? Simple:  They are all topics we'll cover in this month's e-newsletter!  I hope you enjoy it.


Also, with November 1 just around the corner, 2011 will be here before we know it...  So, be sure not to miss the opportunity to win a complimentary page-a-day 2011 calendar!  (See THE BRAND ICON CHALLENGE below.)  It's my gift to "YOU™" as thanks for being a part of our branding community.

All the best!

Brenda Bence signature
Brenda Bence

What's Your Brand Icon?

Sydney Opera House

Most of you know I travel a lot, but September and October were filled with two personal "never-done-that-before" travel feats:  I worked on four continents in the span of seven days in September and four continents in the span of 11 days in October. Yes, in those very short time frames, I was in such places as Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, Manchester, the U.S. Midwest, and Prague, just to name a few. (By the way, I didn't experience any jet lag during the entire journey.  If you're curious about how I do that, stay tuned!  I will be releasing a new book in 2011 that shares my proven system for achieving jet-lag-free and easy long-distance travel.)


While visiting these far-flung locales, I was able to squeeze in a few moments to enjoy some of the sites they are famous for. As I gazed at the Sydney Opera House and watched the men of Manchester raise their Boddingtons Beer bottles, I was reminded that places are branded just like people, companies, and products. And that most cities and countries have iconic symbols that have come to stand for those places - like the Grand Palace in Bangkok or the Old Town in Prague.


Then, I got to thinking ... what about 'icons' that represent the brands of the companies we lead ... and, well - why not - our own personal brands? I'm not necessarily talking about any kind of "logo" or "sign" here, per se ... but something more tangible that others would say represents either the product brand you market, your company brand, or YOU™ - the Trademarked You.


Getting clear on a representative icon is a great way to pinpoint your brand and what it stands for.  So, ask yourself: If people were to think of one visual symbol that represents you as an individual or represents what your company stands for, what would it be? 



I challenge you to give this some thought and come up with an icon for yourself or your company -- and I will reward you for doing it!  Click here to find out more about our brand "icon challenge."  [Note... there are prizes involved!]

Need Employment Insurance? Master Your Personal Brand

Need Employment Insurance?

In today's topsy-turvy marketplace, job security may seem like a pipe dream. Even though the economy is improving in many places, there are still companies who are downsizing,  continued up-and-down stock market confusion, and  news of layoffs. So, how can you make sure to keep your name off any pink-sheet list? One key way you can create employment insurance is to learn to define and effectively communicate your unique personal brand at work.

Here are some personal branding tips for insuring you'll have a job even if times get tough:

1.     Understand the needs of your audience. We tend to think that personal branding is an ego thing - that it's all about "you." But just as successful corporate marketers make sure their products fill a need for consumers, personal branders have to make sure their brands fill their audience's needs as well. If you aren't exactly sure what your boss needs from you, ask! Then, do all you can to meet those needs. Become indispensable. It's a surefire way to make certain you remain valuable in the eyes of your employer.

2.     Know your strengths, and leverage them all. What talents and skills do you bring to your company? Are there any strengths that you aren't fully utilizing at work? Can you offer more skills than you offer now? Give every talent that you have to your company, and you will be someone your company can't afford to lose.

Click here to read six more tips for "employment insurance."

Know a College Junior or Senior?

This Holiday, Give Them The Gift

of a Job After Graduation!

(And check out my special offer to you, below!*)

How YOU™ are like Shampoo for College Graduates

Almost 2 million college students will graduate next spring, but - according to a study by NACE - only 19.7% of them will have found a job by the date of their graduation. So, you want to make a college junior or senior happy this holiday season?  Offer them the gift of a job!


The challenges facing college grads today are the main reason I wrote How YOU™ are like Shampoo for College Graduates: The Complete Personal Branding System to Define, Position, and Market Yourself and Land a Job You Love.  It's the first practical, step-by-step personal branding system designed specifically to help job-seeking college grads find a job they love right as they finish their studies. (I'm also happy to announce that the book recently won the 2010 National Best Books Award winner for the Young Adult Non-Fiction category!) 


Released in March of this year, this book walks college grads through the process of how to define, communicate, and avoid damaging their own unique personal brand while in the process of searching for a job. Even if a college student lacks great work experience, a grad who creates and actively manages his or her unique personal brand will better connect with interviewers and make a positive lasting impression before, during, and after interviews. And that's how a college grad lands a job they love, faster.


You can learn more about How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for College Graduates at With the holiday season coming soon, why not give the gift of a job-search boost by sending the college junior or senior on your gift list a copy of the book?



*Receive the College Graduates Accompanying Manual of Exercises F*REE with purchase (save $12.95!):

When you buy either the paperback or e-book version of How YOU™ are like Shampoo for College Graduates through our website (, you will automatically receive a complimentary download of the Accompanying Manual of Exercises. It's like have a personal coach walking your grad through every step of developing a personal brand.


If you prefer, you can also purchase the paperback through or Barnes & Noble (, then email your proof of purchase to We'll e-mail you a downloadable Manual of Exercises right away.


What Others Are Saying About How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for College Graduates

How YOU™ are like Shampoo for College Graduates

"Taking in all of the tips I learned from How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo for College Grads, I was able to have multiple offers and to pick a job that I loved. The job and environment I'm in now are perfect for me!  I wanted to express my gratitude to you for assisting me in my journey to find my passion."


Kelsey Steinmeyer, Meeting and Incentive Planner

Travel Faire/American Express


 "I absolutely love it!  It is both insightful and very practical - a definite plus for college graduates."


Wesley E. Thorne II, M.Ed., Assistant Director for Business & Employer Relations

 University Career Services - Northwestern University


 "I really enjoy the "no nonsense" nature of the writing, and of the advice.  The book isn't written from an ivory tower or pompous perspective, but is, instead, delivered in a form easily understood by everyone from undergrads to graduates, and people currently looking to change their personal, respective brands."


Gregory Stoller, Professor
 Boston College

Attention Business Owners! The Power of Personal Branding: How to Improve Your Company's Bottom Line

The Power of Personal Branding: How to Improve Your Company's Bottom Line

Let's face it: There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done - especially when you're running a business. So, focusing on a topic like personal branding may end up at the bottom of your "To Do List." Just how important is personal branding to the success of your overall business anyway?

The truth is that even if you don't focus on personal branding, every single one of us already has a personal brand - whether we like it or not. That's right - you and every member of your team has a personal brand, even if you've never thought about it before. That's because your personal brands exist in the minds of your customers or clients. Everyone you meet forms an impression of who you are and what your company can do. They will know very quickly if they trust you and want to do business with you. That's the power of personal branding.

But when you own a business, your company's success isn't built just on your company's brand and your individual personal brand. It's also built on the personal brands of everyone who represents your business in the marketplace. So, how do you know if your team is presenting your company in the best possible light? Well, if they're not creating their personal brands consciously, they may be inadvertently leaving negative impressions about your company wherever they go. Only through controlling their individual personal brands can your team reach their full potential and contribute to your company at the maximum level.

How do you do that? Click here to find out.

All the best, and happy branding!

Brenda Bence

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