Check to Find Out How YOU™ Are Doing as a Job Seeker Using These Downloadable E-Audits

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How YOU™ Are Doing as a Job Seeker - E-Audits

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By purchasing these Job-Seeker downloadable E-Audits, you can find out just how well you are serving your Job-Seeker Personal Brand.

Product Description

How well is the job-seeking "YOU™" doing?

You've read all of Step 1 of The award-winning How YOU™ are like Shampoo for Job Seekers, and you've completed your Job-Seeker Personal Brand Positioning Statement. Perhaps you've even finished Step 2 and developed your Job-Seeker Personal Brand Marketing Plan, too.

If so, congratulations! You're well on your way to developing your job-seeker personal brand. Powerfully mastering your desired job-seeker personal brand can help you succeed in any interview and land the job of your dreams.

But how can you tell that your job-seeker personal brand is the best it can be? Before you take “YOU™” on interviews, you need a way to determine if the work you’ve done so far is enough to make “YOU™” the interviewer’s “brand of choice.”

That's where the How YOU™ are like Shampoo for Job Seekers “e-Audit” can help you. This e-Audit will walk you through a series of questions and processes designed to track the progress you've made on your job-seeker personal brand to help you find out if you need to enhance your Job-Seeker Positioning Statement and Job-Seeker Marketing Plan even more. With this e-Audit, you don't have to be in the dark. You'll learn exactly where you can improve your Plan to make your Job-Seeker Personal Brand the powerhouse brand it's capable of becoming – leading you to a great new job on faster timing.

By purchasing our downloadable e-Audit, you can find out just how well you are serving your job-seeker personal brand.

But that's not all!

I really want you to succeed at mastering your desired job-seeker personal brand so that you can find yourself in a new job that excites and fulfills you! So, as a bonus, you'll also receive a second e-Audit free of charge to determine how your interviews are going. Is your job-seeker personal brand working for you? Have you been to a couple of interviews with no job offers yet? Do you need to make adjustments as you progress through interviews? You won't have to guess with this second e-audit.

You can use this second “How Are Your Interviews Going? e-Audit” to monitor your progress and discover what you need to do differently before, during, and after your interviews. And the best part is that you can take this e-Audit as many times as you like to continue improving your job-seeker personal brand during your job search – until you hear the words you want to hear: “You’re hired!” It's yet another way to invest in YOU™ and make a commitment to landing a truly fulfilling job.

Purchase your Job-Seeker e-Audit now, and receive your free bonus “How Are Your Interviews Going? e-Audit” today!